Good food and great company!

After a day of exploring, you're bound to be hungry. Tupper Lake features a variety of culinary treasures, including old-school mom-and-pop diners, artisan bistros, family-friendly restaurants, pizzerias, ice cream shops, and more! You'll even find food trucks serving up big flavors all over town.

Start your day off with an authentic lumberjack breakfast at one of the local diners. While the kitchen prepares your eggs and French toast, enjoy a cup of bottomless coffee. If you are planning an active day and want to soak up as much outdoor time as possible, then take note that most of the local restaurants offer takeout. Grab your lunch to go and enjoy it in a tranquil location in the woods or at a mountain summit.

After a day of exploring Tupper Lake, a good hearty meal is in store for you. Take time to relax and discover a tasty dinner at one of the area's many family-friendly restaurants.

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A Sweet Adirondack Tradition

From Sap to Syrup My first maple experience (besides smothering French Toast with It) I was in about third or fourth grade when I had my first real experience with the maple sugaring process. I was out in the yard playing in the snow when I noticed a...

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Locally Made With Love

Tupper Lake is a special community because the people here have a DIY attitude. This means the locals work together to support each other's creative projects, which range from microbreweries to screen printing. Below is a list focused on some of the...

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Fit for a Lumberjack

If you do it right, eating isn't just about taking in nourishment. Food is a celebration: it's family time, laughs with friends, trying something new with your sweetheart, and creating memories. Oh, and tasty food, of course, food so delicious you...

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The Amado Experience

"Food is our common ground, a universal experience." - James Beard "There's no end to imagination in the kitchen." - Julia Child

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Recipes Behind Restaurants: Stories From Tupper Lake's Culinary Classics

Learn the stories behind five well-known and well-loved spots to eat and drink throughout Tupper Lake.

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True Love is Sharing a Donut

Explore the fun ways to make your next date in Tupper Lake extra special!

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5 Food Trucks You Need to Check Out in Tupper Lake

Eat al fresco style in Tupper Lake at one of Tupper Lake's five food trucks.

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A Dog-friendly Day in Tupper Lake

Whenever my husband and I start packing for a vacation, even a short weekend trip, our dogs notice. They see our bags out, and us packing clothes and belongings, and they start to get nervous. They don't like being left behind, and it breaks our...

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Skyline Ice Cream

Skyline Ice Cream has been a staple in Tupper Lake for over 30 years. Kim and Nelson Landry have owned and operated the iconic ice cream stand for quite some time. They have developed a reputation for amazing soft serve ice cream cones, huge sundaes,...

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The Woodshed on Park: Where Adirondack Elegance Meets Culinary Mastery

The Woodshed on Park is Tupper Lake's newest dining experience that is a must-visit for anyone seeking a unique dining experience that embodies the spirit of the Adirondacks.

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Top 10 Ways to Make Your Day at the Wild Center Even Cooler

Check out these 10 other activities after you've gotten through the fun, educational exhibits at the Wild Center.