The Tupper Lake Brand

The Tupper Lake brand is based on data and research resulting from a comprehensive, collaborative study, along with the vision shared by Tupper Lake’s stakeholders and residents. The brand logo, colors, and fonts reflect the experiences and characteristics that make Tupper Lake a unique and compelling travel destination.  

A Natural Place to Connect and Discover


Tupper Lake is a community of real, hard-working, creative, and adventurous people who thrive in their natural surroundings, and it has been ever since its founding as one of the highest-producing lumber communities in the world. Whether over coffee in a local diner at the break of dawn or a cold beer at the end of a long day, travelers will find it easy to connect with locals as they share stories, experiences, and advice.


Tupper Lake is a center for learning via both self-guided discovery and today’s version of the classic Adirondack guide. The Wild Center, the Adirondack Sky Center, and professional paddling and hiking guides all support learning about the Adirondacks and their surroundings. Tupper Lake is a place for discovering the natural environment, authentic culture, seemingly limitless recreational opportunities, and the secrets of the dark skies overhead. With accessible trails, rich heritage, and real people who live and work here, Tupper Lake is a natural place to connect and discover.

Tupper Lake Logo
Tupper Lake Brand Refresh

Branding Guidelines

Through the implementation of the new brand, the goal is to create a unique image in the minds of our travelers and ultimately help differentiate Tupper Lake from other destinations. As part of this implementation process, businesses and organizations are encouraged to use the brand mark to promote their establishment as part of the overarching Tupper Lake brand. However, to maintain a strong and effective identity means that the brand elements must be presented in a consistent manner. 


If your proposed usage is not covered within these guidelines, or you have any questions, please contact the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism (ROOST) for assistance before proceeding with design or production. 

Contact the Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism: