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Tupper Lake is a special community because the people here have a DIY attitude. This means the locals work together to support each other’s creative projects, which range from microbreweries to screen printing. Below is a list focused on some of the local makers specializing in food. The selection represents the best in quality and some of my favorites. Why not shop and buy local? It’s great for the local makers, it’s great for our communities, and it’s great for your appetite.

The Washboard Donut Shop & Laundromat

This place gets a lot of press, for good reason. You can feast on fresh baked donuts, do your laundry, and shop at the adjoining Shenandoah Gifts, which carries Adirondack themed crafts and clothing. The donuts are outstanding and there are plenty of flavors to choose from. The maple bacon is a favorite among the locals.


The Swiss Kitchen

Julie, the owner and baker at Swiss Kitchen, bakes several pies daily or every other day, depending on sales. Slices of these fresh baked pies are quick to sell out. Some days she bakes up to ten different selections of pie. My favorite go-to is a slice of the apple. Stop by and enjoy a homemade slice in this authentically Adirondack restaurant. You’ll feel like a local.

ADK Bloody Mary Tonic

Christine Day is the genius behind this product that is more than just a mix. Christine’s signature tonic that combines sweet, salty, and savory flavors reflects the adventurous, hearty spirit of Adirondackers. You can purchase a jar of it, in varying levels of spiciness, for your kitchen or you can visit a nearby bar or restaurant, like Big Slide Public House, because they will more than likely use this delicious, spicy tonic to mix their Bloody Mary’s.

Birch Boys Chaga Tea

Garrett Kopp began harvesting this nutrient-dense superfood at age 15. Chaga — a mushroom known for its health benefits — is also considered a natural energy booster. All of the chaga for Birch Boys is harvested from birch trees in the Adirondacks.

Birch Boys, located in the Black Building on Park Street, offers more than just tea. You can find tinctures and a range of other chaga-related products. The tea comes in different, natural flavors and is delicious mixed with milk and a dab of honey and some cinnamon. Or, if you want more savory, add thyme. There are any number of combinations that make chaga not only healthy but a quintessentially Adirondack treat straight from the land. 

Larkin's Deli & Bakery

Larkin's is a special gem in that almost every baked good you could dream of is available at this deli and bakery, and it's all baked fresh daily. Look for this unassuming place at the Sunoco gas station on Main Street. Once inside, you will find a paradise of treats. Renee, the baker featured in the picture, is one of two other bakers —Mary and Shiela — dedicated to serving up the best in all things sweet. She said that the cinnamon rolls are often sold out within the hour, just like the cider donuts which are a seasonal treat. This is a popular spot for native Tupper Lakers and birders — because birders know what's up!

Have I convinced you to start planning your trip to Tupper Lake today? Fill your trip with good food and good fun