Tupper Lake Recreation Department & Youth Activities

In the Town of Tupper Lake, we have a robust and growing recreation and youth activities department. The Recreation Department strives to serve the community and families of Tupper Lake through activities including, but not limited to, youth sports, annual events, and summer day camp. We hope to enrich the lives of community members and visitors alike, by engaging them in activities in a safe and positive environment, while cultivating an appreciation of the gorgeous area we call home! The Tupper Lake Recreation Department is located in the Town Hall at 120 Demars Boulevard. Contact us.

Kids wave their hands in bubbles at a band shell performance.
A group of elementary school kids play rec sports in a gym.

Recreation department 

Our town's recreation department is responsible for many of the large events in our community throughout the year. From Tupper Lake Field Day in the summer to OkTUPPERfest in the fall and BrewSKI in the winter, the recreation department provides year-round excitement for locals and visitors alike! A long-time community event, the Tupper Lake Tinman, which happens each June, continues to be one of the longest-running triathlons in America and is taking on new growth thanks to the Town of Tupper Lake. 

Youth activities

The Youth Activities Coordinator provides year-round entertainment for Tupper Lake's youth. From tee-ball to soccer, cross country ski club to paint & skips, there is no lack of creative energy in our town recreation department! Our youth, whether they are Tupper Lake residents, or visiting during a certain time of year, have no shortage of activities to choose from to participate in. Check out all of the different activities around, or visit the events page for more information. 

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Tupper Lake Recreation Department

Laura LaBarge, Recreation Director 
Christielee Geiger, Youth Activities Coordinator

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