Tupper Lake Triad

The Tupper Lake Triad

Do you dream of being a 46er but don't know where to start? Are you a seasoned hiker and looking for a fun way to spike your children's enthusiasm for mountain climbing? Are you simply looking for a fun challenge that won't take you weeks -- or years -- to complete? The Tupper Lake Triad has what you need!

A year-round Adirondack hiking challenge

In 2015, a new hiking challenge called the Tupper Lake Triad was launched in the Tupper Lake Region of the Adirondacks. The three family-friendly mountains boast outstanding views of the surrounding mountains and lakes from their summits, which are reached via well-maintained and well-marked state Department of Environmental Conservation trails. After successfully hiking all three peaks, register on the official Triad Roster and receive a patch -- and bragging rights, of course.

Meet the peaks

Enjoy hiking in the Tupper Lake Region of the Adirondacks by climbing the following three mountains:

  • Mount Arab
    A fire tower awaits those who make the moderately steep climb up this mountain.
    Distance, one way: 1 mile | Elevation: 2545 feet | Ascent: 764 feet
  • Coney Mountain
    Enjoy superior views with little effort from Coney's rocky summit.
    Distance, one way: 1.1 miles | Elevation: 2280 feet | Ascent: 548 feet
  • Goodman Mountain
    This mountain, named after civil rights activist Andrew Goodman, has it all: History, wheelchair accessibility for the first quarter mile, and great views from the summit.
    Distance, one way: 1.7 miles | Elevation: 2178 feet | Ascent: 581 feet

How to register

There are two different patches, summer and winter, that you can receive for completing the Tupper Lake Triad.

  • Summer Triad: Hike all three peaks between March 21 and Dec. 19 to receive the summer hiking patch.
  • Winter Triad: Hike all three peaks between Dec. 20 and March 20 to receive the winter hiking patch.

Once completed, download the Tupper Lake Triad registration form and mail it with your $5 registration fee to: TL Triad, 121 Park Street, Tupper Lake, NY 12986.

Please make checks payable to ROOST (Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism)

Ready for more?

The Tupper Lake Triad is a great way to get warmed up for some of the other hiking challenges in the Adirondacks. Check out the Saranac Lake 6er, the Lake Placid 9'er, or the Tri-Lakes Trifecta challenges!

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Tupper Lake Triad

# Name City, State Date Started Date Completed
5329. Katie Parisi Chruchville, New York 07/25/2019 07/25/2019
5328. Kathryn Benzing Angola, New York 08/03/2019 08/03/2019
5327. Alana VanDeusen Rome, New York 08/04/2019 08/04/2019
5326. Jennifer Dubois Hampden, Massachusetts 08/15/2019 08/17/2019
5325. Avery Sharlow Norfolk, New York 07/13/2019 07/26/2019
5324. William Dubois Hampden, Massachusetts 08/15/2019 08/17/2019
5323. Andrew Clemente Long Lake, New York 07/14/2018 08/05/2019
5322. Isabelle Bidal Ottawa, ON 07/27/2019 08/05/2019
5320. Adalyn Clemente Long Lake, New York 07/14/2018 08/05/2019
5319. Rosie Thurston Warners, New York 08/20/2019 08/21/2019

Tupper Lake Winter Triad

# Name City, State Date Started Date Completed
5161. Justin Liechty Morrisonville, New York 03/13/2019 03/31/2019
5101. Sandra Uechi Colton, New York 01/03/2019 01/05/2019
5049. David Cotrana Jay, New York 02/11/2019 02/11/2019
5018. Rosemary Philips Canton, New York 03/09/2019 03/14/2019
17. Lynn Smith Rochester, New York 12/22/2018 12/22/2018
16. Serena LaFayette Glens Falls, New York 12/29/2018 12/29/2018
15. Lia Vyverberg ROCHESTER, New York 02/03/2018 02/03/2018
14. Kody Micheal Thomson Harrowsmith, ON 03/02/2019 03/02/2019
13. Serena Lafayette Glens Falls, New York 12/29/2018 12/29/2018
12. Ryan Heller Canandaigua, New York 05/09/2019 05/09/2019

Tupper Lake Canine Triad

# Name Dog Name City, State Date Started Date Completed
53. Nina Bellus Baron Rochester, New York 09/28/2019 09/28/2019
52. Megan Henry Rocko Sound Beach, New York 09/05/2019 09/10/2019
51. Megan Bristol Bear Clayton, New York 05/11/2019 08/31/2019
50. Louise Rodas Jake Victor, New York 07/29/2019 07/29/2019
49. MARLA CHAUVIN Bella West Chazy, New York 09/08/2019 09/08/2019
48. Chelsea Jarosz Chance Albany, New York 09/07/2019 09/07/2019
47. Joshua Hutchinson Mia Hutchinson Mexico, New York 08/26/2019 08/26/2019
46. Bonnie DeGone Magnum Baldwinsville, New York 08/06/2019 08/24/2019
45. Joel Layaw Pippin Herkimer, New York 09/01/2019 09/01/2019
44. Nicole Riggi Schnapps Schenectady, New York 08/19/2019 08/31/2019