The Tupper Lake Triads

The Adirondacks is the home of some great outdoor challenges, and the most family-friendly are right around Tupper Lake! In 2015, the Tupper Lake Hiking Triad was created and has proven to be a big hit with hikers of all ages. Now, you can triple your fun — again! — with the new, super cool Tupper Lake Paddling Triad!

Whether you hike or paddle, you only need to complete three routes to earn your patch and sticker. The mountains that are part of the triad are reasonable hikes that can be completed in a weekend, plus you can complete the challenge in winter, too! The Triad is the perfect starter challenge for those just getting in to hiking or for hikers looking to expand their patch and sticker collection.

Adventurers who love being on the water will adore the Paddling Triad, which features three paddles of varying length, located throughout the Tupper Lake area. Explore ponds, rivers, and more!

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Two Triads, Six Adventures

Hiking challenges abound in the Adirondacks, and with good reason. With thousands of miles of hiking trails and hundreds of peaks, destinations, and scenic vistas, there are no shortage of hikes that can be grouped together to make for a great challenge.

Love Your ADK

There is something special about the Adirondacks. Here, we live, visit, work, and play in a place where millions of acres of public and private land offer us a chance to coexist with nature. By taking the Love Your Adirondacks Pledge and practicing Leave No Trace ethics you can help ensure that the forests, waterways, and communities of the Adirondacks remain beautiful and unique for generations to come.