Discover Summer in Tupper Lake

Spend the long days of summer making unforgettable memories in the inviting, easygoing Adirondack town of Tupper Lake. Revisit all of your old favorites and find new things to love around every bend as you explore. From beach days to family-friendly hikes, stargazing to seeing stars on the ball field, connecting with family and friends on the water, or even a visit with a porcupine, there is something here for you to discover!


Plenty to Write Home About

There is so much to love about Tupper Lake and the surrounding region that you won't have any trouble finding plenty to write home about. Even so, an Adirondack summer just wouldn't be complete without some of the classics. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Situated on Little Wolf Pond, Little Wolf Beach and Campground is the perfect place to enjoy some summer sun! 

  • Challenge yourself, make lifetime memories and earn a patch by completing one (or both) of the Tupper Lake Triads! Choose a family-friendly hiking or paddling challenge and experience Tupper in an unforgettable way.

  • Ecology and natural history come alive at The Wild Center, where the expansive outdoor spaces allow everyone in the family to get up close and personal with nature.

  • Waterfront Park is home to a slew of summertime activities and playful fun. There's a ton to do here, including all the fun of a classic baseball game where you can root for our local semi-pro team, the River Pigs!

  • From sunset concerts overlooking the lake to handcrafted treasures in local shops, walking through history to getting creative yourself, there are many ways to soak up the sweet sights and sounds of arts and culture in Tupper Lake!



Totally Tupper Lake

Discover Summer in Tupper Lake

Summer in Tupper Lake is all about outdoor fun. From beachtime to nighttime stargazing, hiking to paddling, summer in Tupper Lake is beautiful, relaxing, and unforgettable!

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