Welcome to Tupper Lake, New York

Year-round, no matter the season, Tupper Lake has something special to offer. A family-friendly, affordable vacation destination, Tupper Lake contains unique attractions, restaurants, and shops, and is surrounded by wild scenery that is full of adventure any day of the year. With this much opportunity for fun, there's no such thing as a favorite season!


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Pure Morning Fishing

Tupper Lake locals Taylor Roberge and Josh Pickering wake up an hour earlier to live an hour more. Join Josh and Taylor on their morning fishing trip. “Going out in the morning to go fishing is beautiful because the Adirondack sunrise is really hard to beat. It's so peaceful; it's just you, the lake, and wildlife. It creates a great day!” says Josh. Come along with them as they try to reel in the big one on the calm morning waters of Simon Pond.

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A man fishes off a boat amid sunrise mist

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Paddling the Oxbow

Paddling through the waters of Adirondack lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams is a rustic dreamworld, and they are a perfect spot to learn how to paddle. Here are some beginner tips from Anne Fleck, co-owner of Raquette River Outfitters.

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Birding Fits the Bill in Tupper Lake

What do grouse, chickadees, eagles, crows, and woodpeckers all have in common! Why, they're birds you can find in Tupper Lake, New York!

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Finding Freedom: Sled Hockey Demo

The ESWG press conference featured a sled hockey exhibition at the Tupper Lake Memorial Civic Center. The event kicked off with the introduction of numerous notable speakers, including two sled hockey players who gave interviews and shared their story...

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