Connect with nature this spring

Springtime is a time of joy and rejuvenation, when returning birds burst into song and the world around us comes alive with greenery. We get to shrug off those bulky winter coats and enjoy more sunshine and more warm, fresh Adirondack air. Spring fever — a real thing, we can assure you — means that we can all start to dip into cool waters with mini paddling adventures or savor the bloom of woods with low-elevation, trail friendly hikes.

This spring, connect to nature and discover the natural joys of spending time in Tupper Lake.


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A Sweet Adirondack Tradition

From Sap to Syrup My first maple experience (besides smothering French Toast with It) I was in about third or fourth grade when I had my first real experience with the maple sugaring process. I was out in the yard playing in the snow when I noticed a...

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3 Fishing Holes, 3 Different Species

Check out these 3 fishing holes, and fish for 3 different species. Tupper Lake, Little Tupper, and Stony Creek Ponds all offer something different to the anglers throughout the spring and summer fishing season.

Totally Tupper Lake

Spring Hiking Done Right!

Looking for hikes this spring in Tupper Lake? We've got some tips to make sure you have the most fun possible and to keep you hiking right!