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Right around the corner

As we watch the snow begin to melt and run off into our lakes, streams, and ponds the excitement of spring fishing increases. Time to start putting fishing boats in the water, dusting off the poles, and getting out tackle boxes. In preparation of the season to open in May, fishermen can’t wait to get back to their favorite fishing holes

Favorite fishing holes

On the first Saturday in May, fishing season opens. Around the same time, in coordination with the spring thaw, the smelt will run from the deep waters to the more shallow waters. Fishing in Tupper Lake is unique because of the smelt that run from Bog River Falls. The smelt only run for a short period of time, but because of them, we have some of the best walleye fishing around. For the beginning of May, it is rare to not see a fishing boat at the bottom of Bog River Falls. Walleye fishermen from all over will travel to Tupper Lake for the chance to catch a trophy fish.

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Another favorite fishing hole that has proved itself over time is the bridge on State Route 30. Also, known as “Moody Bridge” or “The Flow,” there always seem to be fishermen lurking underneath the bridge. You can catch a variety of species of fish in this location. Some go for the bass, some for walleye, and some for northern pike. These shallow waters surrounded by marshy areas provide a great fishing location. 

Insider's Tip: Get to this fishing hole early in the morning. Once there are a couple of boats in the area of the bridge it makes it hard to cast a line. 

Gear up

As you prepare for the spring fishing season check out the local shops in town to stock up on any gear you need. 

Mountain Market Bait & Tackle — Mountain Market is a one stop shop for everything you need for your next outdoor adventure. There is a full line of fishing gear, and what makes this shop unique is the huge selection of craft beer! 

Tupper Lake Bait & Tackle — Located at Red Top Inn Motel, Tupper Lake Bait & Tackle has a full line of lures and tackle for your fishing trip. 

Looking to rent a boat? 

If you want the best opportunity to go home with a monster fish, check out our fishing guides and book a trip with them! 

Boat rentals: 

Blue Jay Camp Site
Sunset Park Motel
Tupper Lake Boat Rental
Raquette River Outfitters

Turn your fishing trip into a weekend stay! Book a room, find a place to dine, and catch your trophy fish!