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A rainy day in Tupper Lake 

You’re all set! A full day of paddling, hiking, and a good night campfire to round out a perfect Tupper Lake vacation, wait … is that a little rain cloud on the forecast? Sure enough, you’ve stumbled upon one of the Adirondacks’ most common weather patterns, rain! While this might foil your plans for the day, Tupper Lake is full of surprises, and all kinds of unique adventures that can be had, rain or no rain. Here's how to spend your rainy day in Tupper Lake.

a stack of three blueberry pancakes with whipped cream on top.

Start with breakfast

You need to fuel up for the big day ahead, rain or shine! The Lumberjack Inn will fulfill all of your breakfast dreams. Looking for fluffy pancakes, heaps of homefries, or just a good ol 'cup of joe? They’ve got it. Bond with your adventure buddies, or ask your waitress more about the area! Comfortable local spots are the perfect place to get affiliated with life in Tupper Lake. Cozy up and tuck into your morning breakfast and watch what the Adirondacks do on rainy days. 

two children and a woman explore a misty exhibit at The Wild Center.

The Wild Center 

Although it might be too rainy to explore the outdoor campus of The Wild Center, there are plenty of discoveries to be had inside! The Wild Center has a 54,000-square-foot indoor space, with ample room to explore and expand your Adirondack expertise! Buddy up with otters, (yes, real otters) see a show, or explore the number of exhibits around the Center! After this rainy day, you’ll return as a fully-fledged Adirondack expert.

The Wild Center gift shop with built in bookshelves and decorative tree features.


While you’re wildin’ it up at The Wild Center, your group’s tummies might start to growl, maybe louder than the rainfall outside! No need to panic, The Wild Center offers lunch at their Waterside Cafe. Enjoy a breathtaking water-front view of active Adirondack animals in action! Experience locally crafted food options while you relax near an authentic Adirondack oasis. If you’re still feeling peckish after your hearty meal, the gift shop also offers assortments of chocolates, snacks, and maple products to take on the road!

a close up of the Tupper Lake State Theater sign.

Catch a movie

Depending on the season, the Adirondack State Theater is jam-packed with new showings for all ages. With affordable prices and a delicious concession stand, experience a classic cinema experience that will blast you back to the good old days. Mixing modern film practices with an authentic theater experience, indulge in a movie showing, and forget about all that gray weather outside. 

a woman and man sit at a hightop table and drink craft beer, with popcorn in between them.

Raquette River Brewing 

Regroup for a nightcap at Raquette River Brewing. Fully stocked with freshly brewed craft beer, seltzers, and other specialty drinks crafted in-house. No need to only sip either, a line of food trucks awaits on the other side of the lot from the brewery with pizza, tacos, sandwiches, burgers, and more. Touted as the brewery’s “Food Truck Alley,” you’ll have to try them all. My favorite treat from the brewery is a little out of the ordinary when visiting a taproom. Their hot chocolate is possibly the best in the area, and had me asking for seconds! 

a car drives on a wet road with a rainbow in the sky behind it.

A rainy adventure

Whether you choose to stay in or get out in Tupper Lake on a rainy day, you now have the itinerary to start you off! A rainy day doesn’t have to spoil a visit to Tupper Lake, there’s plenty to do all around town to stay out of the rain and jump into the fun. Remember to fuel up, look around, and maybe go off the beaten path for your next visit. And when the rain goes away, (and it will) get to planning your next adventure!