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Spring Fishing in Tupper Lake

In the Tupper Lake region, there are endless amounts of waterways to be explored. Rivers, lakes, streams, and ponds provide virtually limitless spring fishing opportunities. Something that makes the Tupper Lake area special is the many different species of fish that you can target throughout the spring and summer in different water bodies.

Get the boats dusted off, fishing tackle out of storage, and start planning your spring or summer fishing trip to Tupper Lake.

A fisherman on a motorboat heads out in the early morning sun.

Tupper Lake

When the smelt run into Tupper Lake in the spring, the walleye enjoy good eating. This makes for amazing walleye fishing throughout the spring. Sometimes this can provide a mental challenge to a fishermen; since the walleye have been well fed, they can be tricky to catch. Rumor has it we have some large walleyes swimming in our waters. Walleye season opens up on the 1st Saturday in May.

On State Route 30, there is a hard surface DEC boat launch on the southeastern side of the lake. This boat launch has plenty of parking, bathrooms, and an accessible fishing and loading dock.

A fisherman casting a line.

Little Tupper Lake

A unique strain of wild brook trout run through the waters of Little Tupper Lake. This fishing experience is more secluded and surrounded by wilderness. No motorboats are allowed in this waterway, and it is no kill water, so all catches need to be released back into the lake. Artificial lures need to be used to catch trout here; no live bait is allowed. Trout season opened April 1. 

Looking to turn your trout fishing trip into a longer stay? There are 24 campsites along Little Tupper Lake that make for amazing primitive camping. To get access to Little Tupper Lake, head towards Long Lake on State Route 30. After 11 miles, turn right onto Sabattis Circle Road, and continue on this route until you reach Little Tupper Lake.

A fisherman on a motorboat reeling in a fish.

Stony Creek Ponds 

Stony Creek Ponds are home to northern pike and bass. A popular destination for ice fishing, Stony Creek Ponds are also a prime summer fishing location. There are no motors allowed here, so bringing your kayak or canoe is a must. Explore the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pond for a fun day of fishing and paddling. Northern pike and bass fishing season both open on June 15. 

Located 8 miles east of Tupper Lake, turn right onto Coreys Road. Within a half mile, Stony Creek Ponds will come into view on your left. Parking is along the right side of the road before the hill. To access the ponds, you will find a small path the runs along the shore of the pond.

Tupper Lake, Little Tupper, and Stony Creek Ponds all offer something different to the anglers throughout the spring and summer fishing season. There are many other waterways to be discovered in the Tupper Lake region as well. Turn your fishing trip into a week long stay at on of our lodging properties to be a able to experience all the Tupper Lake area has to offer!