Massawepie Mire

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Adirondack mountain biking and road cycling

Whether you are looking for mountain biking or road cycling, we've got mileage for you to cover!

Mountain biking

Get dirt beneath your wheels and history in your gears as you pedal along old logging and access roads. Some favorites by locals and visitors alike include:

  • Deer Pond Loop - Located just east of Tupper Lake, Deer Pond Loop is a great trail ride with scenic views amidst a dense Adirondack forest.  
  • Horseshoe/Lows Dam - Roll back in time as you ride into Lows Upper Dam and discover the ruins of what was once the largest maple-producing plant in New York state. The ride features an optional hike up Low’s Ridge.

Road Cycling

Here, there are almost limitless cycling opportunities, and Tupper Lake is at the crossroads of it all. The village is located at the intersection of the Adirondack (NYS Route 3) and Olympic (NYS Route 30) Scenic Byways. Enjoy everything from multi-day loops to relaxing scenic rides along the region's lakes and rivers.