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Otter Hollow Trail Loop
4523 Route 30, Saranac Lake
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This trail between the Fish Creek and Rollins Pond campgrounds is a lovely way to explore these campground spaces in winter. Plenty of frozen ponds and scenic interest.

Getting there

From the intersection of Route 30 and Route 3 in Tupper Lake follow Route 3/30 toward Saranac Lake. Where Route 3 and Route 30 split; follow Route 30 toward Fish Creek. Continue for 5.5 miles to the entrance to the Rollins Pond Campground on the left. Drive down the campsite road for around one mile to the Otter Hollow Trail on the right. If you can’t drive the campsite road, park in a safe location near the staging area and ski the road.

Otter Hollow Loop starts at site 104 of Rollins Pond Campground. Please be aware there might be someone camping at the site. There is a day use fee for access, but this allows use of all the facilities, including a swimming beach, bath house, and playground.

By the numbers

  • Distance: 8.4 miles as a loop
  • Elevation gain: about 650 feet over the course of the loop

Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

Starting this loop along the foot trail you will notice that it gets very infrequent use. The trail remains at a low grade and rather flat as you pass by several backcountry ponds and the Little Square Pond on your right. The trail makes a sweeping turn as it follows by Floodwood Pond and eventually to Rollins Pond. At the north end of Rollins Pond the trail comes back to the campsite road where you will have to ski the wide shoulder, and often through the empty campsites, to get back to your car.

The road through the campground may not be plowed requiring the skier to travel the 1 mile to the trailhead, which adds two miles to the day's loop.

*Be aware this is also a snowmobile staging area.*


This loop is over rolling terrain that adds up to around 650 feet of elevation gain. In addition, half the distance is on the paved road which joins Rollins Pond campground with nearby Fish Creek Pond campground.

Enjoy lovely views as the trail goes past Black and Whey Ponds, then around Little Square Pond, traversing the South shore of Floodwood Pond, and on to the far end of Rollins Pond Campground. At this point the hike changes to the paved road through the whole of Rollins Pond, taking hikers back to Fish Creek.


Mountain biking is allowed on this trail, but be aware that half of the route is a paved campground road. An excellent route for fat tire biking in the winter.

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