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Horseshoe to Massawepie
Country Rt 421, Piercefield

Connecting Horseshoe Lake to Massawepie Lake you will find a backwoods mountain biking road that offers an enjoying cruise through a mix of dense forests as it passes the back side of Mt. Arab to connect two unique and beautiful recreation trail networks.

Getting there

Since this is a “connector trail,” you can choose your starting point to be at either Massawepie or Horseshoe.

To Horseshoe: From the intersection of NYS Routes 3 & 30 (on Park Street near Stewart’s) in Tupper Lake, head west until you reach the intersection Park Street and Wawbeek Avenue (NYS Route 30). Turn left and follow Route 30 south for 8.7 miles to County Route 421. Turn right.

After 1.6 miles, Route 421 will turn left and continue for another 3.9 miles.  Here you will find a variety of parking areas to choose from depending on how long or short you would like to make your trip. These include the decent sized parking area and overlook on your right, Low’s Lower Dam a little further up with an access road on your left, or at the railroad tracks crossing about a mile up.

To Massawepie: From the intersection of NYS Routes 3 and 30 (on Park Street near Stewart’s) in Tupper Lake, follow Route 3 down Mill Street, then turn right onto Lake Street and follow Route 3 for 11.5 miles to the Massawepie Boy Scout Camp. Turn left on to Massawepie Road when you see the camp sign. 

A little ways up you will begin to see the Boy Scouts Camp and need to bare left through the camp. Please use causing and note, there are a variety of parking areas along this road. During camp season (June 15 - September 1) some of the first parking areas will be closed to the public. However, from September 1 - June 14 all of these parking areas and the related hiking trails are open. Signs at the parking areas will indicate if they are closed or open.

Gravel biking

The trip from Horseshoe Lake to Massawepie (or vice versa) follows along a remote logging road that meanders through a variety of mixed forests, past tranquil bogs and on to beautiful lakes on both end. The majority of the road is well marked by snowmobile signs - as this is a popular snowmobile route in the winter months. It involves a variety of moderate hills in both directions, however your gain will be less challenging if you start from Horseshoe and head towards Massawepie. Use caution that you stay on the road and do not head off on any of the different logging roads that connect to and from the Massawepie Road. 

Length One-Way: 10-15 miles / 16-24 kilometers (depending on where you choose to begin and end your trip.)

Length Round-Trip: 20-30 miles / 32-48 (kilometers depending on where you choose to begin and end your trip.)

Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate (it does boast a considerable amount of hills)

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