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Junction Pass and Crossroads Trail
Depot St, Tupper Lake

Enjoy biking through Tupper Lake on a multi-use recreational trail. This tight-packed gravel trail runs from the “Junction” to “Uptown” Tupper Lake, connecting the two distinct businesses districts in town. With many places to stop for lunch, parks to play at, and shops to browse in, the bike trail is the perfect outing for everyone. 

This trail is also home to the Crossroads of the Adirondacks Trail, which combines history, fun, Tupper Lake, and the outdoors. Informational historical signs will teach you a thing or two about Tupper Lake's rich history.

In total, the trail is 1.5-miles long. You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy this cool trail! It has a lot to offer everyone: scenery, cool facts, donuts at either end. Whether you walk or bicycle, do the whole trail or just part of it, get out there and enjoy Tupper Lake, past and present!

Getting there

Since this is a connector trail, it can be accessed from a variety of locations. However, the most popular access points are:

1. The Tupper Lake Train Station: 37 Depot Street, Tupper Lake.

- If you exit the trail from this location you have direct access to the Main Street Business District “Downtown.” In addition, you are .75 miles from Little Wolf Beach with access via residential roads. 

2. Tupper Lake Municipal Park: Demars Boulevard, Tupper Lake. (access crosses the road in front of McDonalds). 

- If you exit the trail at this location, you can hop on the Waterfront Walkway that passes along the shoreline of Raquette Pond, connecting you to the Park Street Businesses District “Uptown.”

3. McLaughlin Avenue: Entrance/outlet located just North of the intersection of McLaughlin & Pleasant Avenue. 

- If you exit the trail from this location, newly refurbished sidewalks can take you all the way up through the Village and on to The Wild Center on Hosley Avenue.

Trail Description

Following a packed gravel surface along the old rail bed, the trail gives visitors and locals a peaceful way to see our town without riding through and worrying about traffic. The level route follows through wooded areas, passes the back side of the iconic OWD smoke stack, and over a few ascetically pleasing wooden bridges as it connects you to different sections of Tupper Lake.


In the winter you may find snowmobiles, cross-country skiers, or snowshoe users enjoying the trail. With shops and eateries (and spots to get hot chocolate) on both ends of this rout the route, it could be a great winter day activity as well. 

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