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Spring rejuvenation

While there may still be some snow flurries lingering in the air, we are getting tiny hints of springtime here in the Adirondacks. If the outside weather hasn’t convinced you, the local businesses in the area are ready to bloom for spring! For Tupper Lake businesses, spring means restocking, revamping, and regrowth! There’s a lot to catch up on with our favorite storefronts, so come take a look. 

a woman selects Chaga tea on a shelf of Chaga products.

Birch Boys 

Birch Boys, Tupper Lake’s resident Chaga crafter, has been quite busy in preparation for the spring season. Owner Garret Kopp has moved Birch Boys from their original location, to a more central site adjacent to Tupper Lake’s Park Street! Birch Boys is expanding their mushroom expertise to a larger space, with easy access to the store and plenty of room to embark on your own wellness journey, just in time for the warmer months. Restock for spring with any of the Birch Boys mushroom tinctures, or spruce up your morning tea or coffee with ChagaNOW, the company’s instant Chaga extract powder, that makes for an easy way to get all your Chaga needs in for the day. A bonus, their blend can offer caffeine-free energy and immense immune benefits. Score!

The best part about Birch Boys? Every part of the harvesting process is traceable, from the harvesters that pick the Chaga, to the person packaging your tea. Just another reason to feel good about your visit to Birch Boys this season.

Rachel King crafts new jewelry at her work station.

Earth Girl Designs

Earth Girl Designs is another local vendor going through major growth this season! The jewelry design and crystal gift store has moved down the street to 70 Park Street, and the renovations are stunning. The shop offers handcrafted jewelry by owner/designer Rachel King, as well as crystals of all shapes and designs, and other incredible jewelry vendors that will have you sparkling as you leave the shop. The new shop’s glowing atmosphere, plant life, and friendly shop-owner will have you ready for the warm weather and good vibes to come back to Tupper Lake. 

two women run the counter at Spruce and Hemlock.

Spruce and Hemlock

Spruce and Hemlock has been up to quite a bit in the off-season. Their bakery, offering pies, cookies, and other confectionery, has now expanded to lunch grab-and-go items, and an impressive “made to order” menu, perfect for those looking for a handcrafted soup, salad, or artisan sub! The shop also offers online ordering, so no wait times in-store. Come from work, your favorite hike, or off the lake and indulge in the new flavors at Spruce and Hemlock. Make sure to grab a muffin or two for me!

a river rushes under a stone bridge on a sunny spring day in the forest.

Season’s greetings

Spring has sprung for the businesses in Tupper Lake, and it's time for you to get in on the action! Visit any of the shops around town and see what everyone has in store for this budding season. The beauty of Tupper Lake is in the local businesses and flavors around town, so remember to grab a meal, shop, and explore everything you can during your next visit. See you soon!