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Welcome to BrewSki!

Drumroll, please - it's BrewSki weekend, and we're stoked! This year, we've lined up 20 top-notch breweries along a 1.5-mile trail at the James C. Frenette Recreational Trails. But before you hit the trail, let's tackle the basics with this handy FAQ. We'll dish out everything from what to bring to check-in to parking tips and even restroom details. Once you've got the essentials down, you're primed to make the most of the 2024 Tupper Lake BrewSki

Be safe, be kind (it is after all a full moon), and most of all... have FUN!

People stand and pose for a photo at BrewSki

Brewski 2024 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

TIP: once you get through all of the importation information, you will discover the lowdown on the Brewski after-parties and other exciting events taking place around Tupper Lake this weekend.

Where do I get tickets?

Tickets are available for purchase online ahead of the event, but act fast - they're selling out rapidly and are expected to reach their limit soon.

How do I dress?

Despite the sunny vibes, it's still going to be a bit chilly out there, with temperatures hanging around 12 degrees Fahrenheit. And those breezy winds? They'll add a little extra nip in the air. But hey, no need to let the cold put a damper on the fun, right? This is after all a winter beer fest. Just pop on those shades, layer up like a pro, and maybe toss in some hand and feet warmers for good measure. 

Once you've got the basics sorted, it's time to think about accessories! We absolutely adore seeing your funky hats, awesome costumes, and those iconic pretzel necklaces. So, let's gear up and head out for some serious fun!

What time does the fun start?

At 11:45 a.m., IDs will start being verified, and the trail will officially open at noon.

What do I need for check-in?

To enter Brewski, you will need a screenshot of your ticket purchase or the email confirmation along with a valid photo ID with your date of birth (sorry, work badges won't cut it).

Can't seem to find that email? No worries! Just search your inbox for "BrewSki." If you're still having trouble locating it, try searching for the sender, "Town of Tupper Lake Recreation Department", and keep an eye out for emails from the address "no-reply@editmysite.com."

While you're in line at the check-in, please be mindful of those behind you and have your ID and confirmation ready to speed things along.

Dog at Brewski in Tupper Lake

Are dogs & children allowed to attend?

Wondering if your furry friend or kiddos can tag along to BrewSki? Well, leashed dogs are totally welcome, but if your pup isn't a fan of crowds or chilly weather, it might be best to let them cozy up at home. As for the little ones, yup, they're allowed too, just maybe leave them behind if you think the cold might put a damper on their (and your) fun. 

What should I know about parking?

Let's keep things flowing smoothly! Once the Golf Course parking area fills up, parking is going to be limited to the left side of the road as you head up the mountain. Don't worry, though; we'll have plenty of signs to guide you.

While you're parking, be sure to keep an eye out for driveways and leave lots of room for other vehicles and emergency services to get by. 

Are there restrooms available?

This year we've added two more outhouses, bringing the total to three along the trail. Plus, we'll have some Porta Johns set up in near the entrance for your convenience.

What else should I bring?

Make sure to double-check for those hand warmers and extra layers. It's also a good idea to bring cash (no ATM on-site) so you have what you need to grab a bite to eat from the food trucks on-site and participate in the raffles and more. Plus, if you're up for it, the Fire & Ice Golf Tournament will be happening at the same time and location, so feel free to grab your clubs and join in the fun!

A woman tees up a tennis ball in the snow on a winter golf course.

Do I need to have skis or snowshoes?

Cross-country skis and snowshoes are encouraged but not required for this event. The trail will be packed and groomed so a warm pair of boots will suffice. 

Do designated drivers need to pay for admission?

As always, designated drivers do not need to pay for admission. A huge shoutout to them for helping keep us all safe. Remember to be responsible and have a plan in place!

Will there be transportation?

MAC's Safe Ride will pick you up at your house, lodging property, etc., and deliver you back safely. Remember, be safe, don't drink and drive. Just call us at 518-304-3282 to arrange your pick-up.

About MAC’s: The mission of MAC’s Safe Ride Continued is to provide transportation services in and around the rural community of Tupper Lake, New York to reduce the occurrence of drunk driving and driving while impaired, for the benefit of drivers and the public at large. The transportation service will be made available to and for the benefit of any members of the general population in need of such a ride, free of charge and without discrimination of any kind.

Discover more happenings this weekend in Tupper Lake

While a 1.5-mile stretch may seem impressive for a beer fest, the excitement doesn't stop there! This weekend is packed with thrilling events to enjoy. Here are some standout options to jot down:

Winter Week at The Wild Center is still going strong, offering daily access to the museum and Wild Lights. Just a heads up, though, the final night for Wild Lights this season is Saturday, February 24, coinciding with BrewSki.

Band plays at Raquette River Brewing while people dance.

After BrewSki, Tupper Lake really heats up with not one, but two amazing after-parties. Swing by Raquette River Brewing for live music featuring one of Tupper Lake's beloved local bands, Hammerlok, or head to P-2's Irish Pub for a night of karaoke hosted by the dynamic duo, Deb & Dennis.

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