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Gifting the season

If you are in the Tupper Lake region, Park Street is the prime location to shop for everyone on your list. Set in Tupper’s charming downtown, stroll along the quaint shops and decorated walkways, set by cozy restaurants, a vintage movie theater, and classically Adirondack shops that everyone in your family will enjoy. Each store comes with its own twist. Some offer luxury lodge interior design pieces, others showcasing locally crafted jewelry and crafts, and more. In the last few years, Park Street has developed into a shopping hub perfectly situated for holiday hunting, come see what’s in store!

The interior of an Adirondack-style shop.

Park Street finds

Earth Girl Designs

Locally-crafted jewelry is hard to beat in terms of gift giving. Earth Girl Designs creates stunning unique pieces ranging from pink opal glass drop earrings to necklaces depicting a sunrise over the iconic High Peaks. Crafted right in the store, choose stunning pieces from the display case that your loved ones will cherish for years to come. 

A woman mends handmade jewelry at a work bench,

Spruce & Hemlock 

Spruce and Hemlock is primed for gift giving, their store is filled with pieces your whole family will be able to get in on. Adirondack-y oven mitts? Check. Locally-crafted wood decor? Check. Baked goodies? Double check! Whether you forgot to bake something for the Christmas party, or someone in your life is in need of an Adirondack-inspired memento, Spruce and Hemlock is ready to fill your cart. 

Spruce and Hemlock hand towel with a red truck on it.

The Adirondack Store

Perhaps the grandest-looking shop on Park Street, the Adirondack Store stands tall as it prepares for this holiday season. Known for its detailed decor, perfect for furnishing your Adirondack hideaway, the store offers so much more. With an assortment of Pure Placid creams and beauty products, gift luxurious relaxation this year. Looking for vintage home pieces that can’t be found every day? The store has an array of pieces collected and ready to be taken home today! As with most other businesses in Tupper Lake, the store showcases the work of local artists, from balsam bags to classic paintings. 

A woman checks out at a register.
Birch Boys


Birch Boys is Tupper Lake’s chaga extraordinaire, offering a wide variety of products derived from different types of mushrooms, all with different remedies for everyday aches and pains. Their chaga tincture can be added to your morning coffee or simply taken on its own, offering immense immune support and caffeine-free energy! Their other products include their chaga tea bundles, chaga skin cream, tinctures, and even lip balm. Keep the relaxing vibes going around the tree when you gift from Birch Boys this season. 

A woman picks a chaga tea bag off of a shelf.

Cabin Fever

If you are looking for something to bring to a house as a guest, order a gorgeous bouquet or centerpiece from Cabin Fever before you go. This floral shop is also stocked with unique Adirondack gifts, the perfect solution for those in need of stocking stuffers. 

A woman walks into a cabin-style floral shop.

Mountain Bliss Massage and Woodland Massage

Mountain Bliss Massage and Woodland Massage, both on Park Street, offer the ultimate gift of relaxation through amazing massages. There is no better way to unwind after all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, other than with a gift certificate for relaxing massage. Stop in to see either Jocelyn or Kristin to personalize your special gift!

A beaver next to wooden carved trees on a display.

Keep it local

You are bound to get hungry while you are out shopping. Good thing we have you covered! With multiple places to stop and eat/drink while you are on your shopping mission, you will be refueled and ready to do it all over again. Spruce & Hemlock bakery is the perfect place to grab something sweet. The deliciousness is something that you have to experience for yourself, words don't do it justice. 

Shop on!​

No matter what you are looking for, we’ve got it. Get a jump on your holiday shopping this year when you decide to shop local on Park Street. While you're out, enjoy nearby attractions, find the most perfect laundromat donuts, or head outdoors! Happy Holidays. 

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