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It isn't often that you walk into a store and can literally feel the good energy. However rare that feeling is, it is most definitely present at Earth Girl Designs, a gemstone and handcrafted jewelry store in Tupper Lake.

After years of online sales and farmer's markets, Rachel King, the jewelry maker and creative mind behind Earth Girl Designs, wanted to bring light, good energy and vibrations, and beautiful jewelry to Park Street. In the fall of 2020, Rachel opened a brand new store on the main thoroughfare, and hasn't looked back. Each piece she creates is inspired by her mountain home and brings with it a positive ray of sunshine. 

When it all began

The journey to Earth Girl Designs did not happen overnight. In fact, Rachel began creating and making things at a young age, around 9 or 10 years old. Her art was refined over the years, changing mediums and evolving. 

At first, the jewelry was simple. Rachel attended every craft show, festival, and market she could. Eventually, her business took to Etsy, a website focused on handmade items and craft supplies, and the local farmer’s markets. After years of vending at outdoor markets, Rachel decided to open an indoor retail shop in her hometown of Tupper Lake. Despite a global pandemic, the shop opened in the fall of 2020 and safely welcomes shoppers today! In addition to all the happy customers at the shop and at markets, the Earth Girl Designs Etsy shop has well over 3,500 sales. From unique and beautiful jewelry to healing crystals, it’s easy to see why so many people leave Rachel’s shop smiling.

What’s new at Earth Girl Designs these days? Recently added to some necklaces and rings are Herkimer diamonds. Herkimer diamonds* are mined just 2.5 hours away from Tupper Lake. The jewelry featuring these diamonds is STUNNING. And, after all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend. *Fun fact: Herkimer diamonds aren't diamonds, but especially clear quartz crystals with unique shapes.

The creative process

At the Earth Girl Designs shop in Tupper Lake, visitors can find Rachel hard at work. That’s right, she makes all the jewelry on site! Looking for a custom piece? Well, you’ve come to the right place. For example, if you fancy a pair of Lotus earrings in the shop but would like a different color or gemstone, Rachel says you are more than welcome to request a custom pair. Every color imaginable is available! It’s almost like “to-go” jewelry, says Rachel, who absolutely loves helping people discover just the right piece of jewelry.

As most creators know, having a clean workspace is an important part of the process. Sometimes that goes beyond the physical. At the Earth Girl Designs shop, you can buy bundles of sage to burn, or “smudge.” Smudging is an ancient spiritual ritual that is said to dispel negative energy, boost cognition, and cleanse the air. (Plus, it smells good!) This could be beneficial to any person searching for a way to purify their surroundings. Indeed, smudging may aid in the creative process.

A real gem

Have you heard of chakras? It may be an unfamiliar concept to some, but chakras are the energy centers in your body and an important part of ancient meditation practices. You’ve probably heard the phrase “third eye.” The third eye represents perception beyond ordinary sight. This is actually a chakra and it is responsible for your gut instinct, intuition, and imagination. There are seven main chakras; each has a corresponding gemstone that is said to help clear, revitalize, and heal its chakra that may not be flowing with positive energy. For example, rose quartz can help your heart chakra, which focuses on the ability to give and receive love.

At Earth Girl Designs, the shop is full of gemstones available to take home and get you started on a path to balancing your chakras.

It seems like Christmas was just here, but, believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. When you’re in Tupper Lake, be sure to stop into Earth Girl Designs to find a unique piece of jewelry or a healing gift. While you're here, pick up some to-go desserts and then, at night, take your special someone star gazing, where you'll learn that the stars in Tupper Lake shine just as brightly as the Herkimer diamonds in Earth Girl Designs jewelry.