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Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer or a first-time paddler, it’s easy to discover a unique adventure waiting for you in Tupper Lake, New York. The winding waterways, open lakes, and expansive wetlands of this pristine region of the Adirondacks offer a variety of outings, from short paddles to multi-day excursions. Connect with the ideal paddling trip for your personality! 

Discover 5 paddling trips for 5 personality types:

1. For the History Buff

Taking off from Low's Lower Dam for a beautiful backcountry paddle.
Taking off from Low's Lower Dam for a beautiful backcountry paddle.

Enjoy a glimpse into the past with a scenic flatwater paddle along the Bog River from Lows Lower Dam to Hitchins Pond. Here you will find two options. 1. Explore Hitchins Pond and stop by Lows Upper Dam, where you walk among the beautiful ruins of Lows Horseshoe Forestry Company. This is where you will also find an optional, easy, one-mile hike up Lows Ridge to a breathtaking, uninterrupted view. 2. Make a short portage around Lows Upper Dam and continue on to Lows Lake, where there is a variety of primitive campsites and one of the largest nesting areas in New York State for the iconic loon. 

2. For the Weekend Warrior 

Discover the Seward Mountain Range.
Discover the Seward Mountain Range.

If you’re looking for extra adventure, this is the multi-day paddle outing for you. Launch from Axton Landing and follow the Raquette River south as it winds toward the Western High Peaks. After a few miles you’ll reach some campsites. Get set up and relax — a big day of hiking begins in the morning. To begin, hop on the Raquette River horse trail. If you’re well-versed in the outdoors, you can choose from a couple of bushwhacks into the three-summit Seward Range, or you can follow the path north and take the unmarked, but obvious, trail. If you don’t feel like climbing, go south on the Raquette River Falls trail and visit the falls instead.

3. For the Nature Enthusiast 

Explore the flora and fauna in Moody Marsh.
Explore the flora and fauna in Moody Marsh.

Moody Marsh has it all — easy access, gentle water, and a plethora of wildlife. Don't be fooled by this location's close proximity to Route 3. Moody Marsh is a nice location to get up close to nature with little effort. Birders often visit in the morning, but birds aren't the only animals spotted here. Moose and whitetail deer have made appearances, and you might also see fishers, beaver, otters, and mink. 

4. The Hopeful Romantic 

Views of the Milky Way over Little Tupper Lake. Photo by Marc Staves
Views of the Milky Way over Little Tupper Lake. Photo by Marc Staves

There are few things more romantic than spending the weekend in a remote setting, and the William C. Whitney Wilderness has plenty of that. Choose your body of water — Lake Lila, Little Tupper Lake, Rock Pond, or Round Lake — and paddle to one of dozens of primitive campsites along the extensive shorelines. Spend the evening enjoying the stars then paddle back, or continue to the next lake for an extended outing.

5. For the First-Timer 

What's SUP? A paddling day on the Raquette, that's what! (Wild Center photo)
What's SUP? A paddling day on the Raquette, that's what! (Wild Center photo)

If you’re not an avid paddler, you’ll want to start on a calm, scenic stretch of river that offers plenty of enjoyment. The oxbow on the Raquette River is a great place to start! Pick one of these options to launch your paddling career: 1. Rent a boat from Raquette River Outfitters and head upstream to The Wild Center, then easily follow the gentle current back to the start without ever having to transport your boat. 2. Try one of the canoe, kayak or SUP trips available at The Wild Center. The trips come complete with instructors and a naturalist guide. 3. Access the oxbow further upstream at "The Crusher" and follow the current downstream to Tupper Lake.

Multiple Personalities 

By kayak, SUP, canoe or rowboat, Tupper Lake is an equal-opportunity paddling destination. Given the sheer amount and variety of waterways to choose from, we're sure you'll want to plan a paddling mission for every aspect of your persona!    


Day trips are a great way to cover a lot of ground (or water) in Tupper Lake, and that gives you a chance to take advantage of our many excellent food and lodging options!

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