The Crusher on the Raquette River


The Raquette River Boat Launch on Route 3, locally known as "The Crusher," offers a variety of day and multi-day excursions, making it one of the most popular paddling destinations in the Tupper Lake region. This flatwater section of the 146-mile long river is popular with paddlers because it offers some of the river's best twists, elbows, and oxbows as it takes you to a variety of destinations. 

Downstream trips: From the boat launch you can paddle up or down stream with ease and visit The Wild Center, Simon Pond, Big Tupper Lake (7 miles), and Raquette Pond (9 miles) before heading to Piercefield.

Upstream trips (half-day destinations): By heading upstream you can visit destinations such as Trombley Landing, Axton Landing (9.5 miles), and Stoney Creek Ponds (12 miles).

Upstream trips (multi-day camping destinations): Further upstream you will find Raquette Falls (15.5 miles), the Seward Mountain Range, and Long Lake. Along the river you will find a variety of primitive campsites and lean-tos.

How to get there:

At the intersection for Route 3 and Route 30 in Tupper Lake, follow Route 3 toward Saranac Lake. Continue for just over 4 miles to the boat launch on the right. Please note that this is not labeled as The Crusher, it is just known as such.  

Type of launch:

Roadside, pavement, and gravel.

Type of water:

This section of the Raquette River has a slow current, so you can paddle easily in either direction from this launch.      

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