The Crusher on the Raquette River

The Raquette River Boat Launch on Route 3, locally known as "The Crusher," offers a variety of day and multi-day excursions, making it one of the most popular paddling destinations in the Tupper Lake region. “Crusher” may seem like a daunting name, but we promise, here, you’ll only find peace and quiet. The Crusher name came to be only because of the launch’s proximity to a former gravel crushing operation. 

How to get there

From the intersection of Route 3 and Route 30 in Tupper Lake, follow Route 3 towards Saranac Lake. Before approaching the "Y" you will see a state boat launch for the Raquette River on the right hand side of the road. There is a large parking lot here. 


  • Type of launch: hard launch with the option of putting in on the riverbank
  • Type of water: this section of the Raquette River has a slow current, so you can paddle easily in either direction from this launch 


This flatwater section of the 146-mile long Raquette River is popular with paddlers because it offers some of the river's best twists, elbows, and oxbows as it takes you to a variety of destinations. From the boat launch you can paddle up or down stream with ease.

Downstream trips: The Wild Center, Simon Pond, Big Tupper Lake (7 miles), and Raquette Pond (9 miles) 

Upstream trips (half-day destinations): Trombley Landing, Axton Landing (9.5 miles), and Stoney Creek Ponds (12 miles).

Upstream trips (multi-day camping destinations): Further upstream you will find Raquette Falls (15.5 miles), the Seward Mountain Range, and Long Lake. Along the river you will find a variety of primitive campsites and lean-tos. Paddling to destinations on the other side of Raquette Falls will require a portage.