Things you

wouldn’t expect to find…


The “rule of threes.” 

It is suggested that bad things come in groups of three — but we think the same goes for the good, the unique, the authentic, and the just plain bizarre. When you apply the rule of threes to some of Tupper Lake’s finds, you definitely end up with MORE than you expected. So let's uncover the unexpected -- because after all, what fun is it to simply seek out the normal travel finds?

More than just food & drink:

When you walk into a dining establishment there are some things you would expect to find, and there are some you may not!

1. Donuts at the laundromat?!

The Washboard Laundromat, Tupper Lake

Now the question here has always been, "Is it a laundromat in a donut shop or a donut shop in a laundromat?" But then you discover that there is also a Native American gift shop in this unique joint and you realize you couldn't possibly bundle together a more unique, yet utterly pleasing trio. I guess the Washboard Laundromat, Donut Shop, and Shenandoah Gift Shop alone proves that "the rule of threes" exists. Now, stop pondering which came first and get in there for a maple bacon donut! 

2. Chainsaws as restaurant decor?!

Chainsaw Decor, The Lumberjack Inn Restaurant

When you think of restaurant decor, many things may come to mind: photographs, paintings, decorative lighting, etc. But chainsaws? Really, chainsaws... like the gas guzzling, tree felling, sawdust throwing equipment commonly used by loggers? Yup, you know you are in Tupper Lake, and more specifically, at the Lumberjack Inn Restaurant if you're gobbling up a hearty plate of pancakes, eggs, and bacon with antique chainsaws, cross-cut saws, and other traditional logging tools adorning the walls around you. Seriously, can it possibly get more authentic than that?  

3. A library at a brewery?!

Raquette River Brewing's Library (ROOST/Shaun Ondak Photo)

Pubs and breweries are usually known for forging their way toward the more "unique side" -- after all a little alcohol does help to spark the creativity flow. But a library? At Raquette River Brewery in Tupper Lake, you will be greeted not only by a friendly brewer and great beer, but a FREE library to boot! After a stop here all you need to do is find a hammock or an Adirondack chair next to the water and you are all set to kick back and get lost in a good adventure, mystery, romance... or whatever else strikes your fancy.

More than just trails & amazing views:

Insider's Tip: These three peaks make up the Tupper Lake Triad. Hike all three and receive your coveted Tupper Lake Triad patch. 

1. A spring conveniently located at the base of a trail head?!

Lumberjack Springs (with photo of Bog River Falls - ROOST/Shaun Ondak Photo)

Now you can plan and plan all you want, but when it comes to the Adirondack topography, there are truly few instances where humans get to call the shots. The fact that there is a fresh water spring located at the base of Goodman Mountain (conveniently located right at the trailhead) really couldn't have been planned so perfectly -- even if you tried. So when you hike this family-friendly mountain, make sure to check out Lumberjack Springs, it's one more piece of history that makes this peak so special. 

2. A cross at the top of a mountain?!

Coney Mountain Cross (Photo Credit: Debbie Meyer)

Located next to Goodman Mountain, you will find that the bald peak of Coney Mountain is a quick and popular trek for hikers of all abilities. Based on where the new trail approaches the peak, many hikers are not aware of the approximate 8-foot-tall cross on the northwestern side of the peak. To find the cross continue straight from where the trailhead reaches the peak until you start to feel as though you are descending down the Tupper Lake facing side of the mountain. As soon as you start to descend you will see the simple and rustic white cross. There a many legends behind how this cross got here. However, for the real story, I recommend that you swing by Reandeau's Swiss Kitchen on Park Street in Tupper Lake.

3. A museum at the peak of another?!

Ranger Cabin Interpretive Museum at the Peak of Mt. Arab

Coney Mountain isn't the only peak with a surprise awaiting visitors at the top. At the summit of Mount Arab, in the neighboring Town of Piercefield, you will actually find not only a restored fire tower, but also a ranger cabin that has been converted into a small museum on fire towers. In the warmer months, the Friends of Mount Arab stewards run an interpretive program in which they occupy the cabin and help tell the story of Mt. Arab and the history of Adirondack Fire Towers.

Insider's tip: This mountain peak may also have the nicest and cleanest outhouse you will ever find on an Adirondack Mountain Top (or any mountain top for that matter). Seriously, how many backcountry outhouses are wiped down almost daily? It sort of makes it like the "glamping" equivalent to hiking, "gliking" (yup - I just made that word up).

One if not the cleanest outhouses you'll ever find, thanks to the Friends of Mt. Arab. Kudos!

More than just outdoor activities:

When most people think of the Adirondacks, they think mountains, water, and breathtaking vistas. They imagine campsites, picnic tables, and the endless network of hiking trails. But did you know that there is more to the Adirondacks than hiking, paddling, and fishing? Yup, that is all great, but sometimes Mother Nature doesn't cooperate or you're simply longing for a break from action-packed activities. Well, believe it or not, in Tupper Lake you will find indoor fun as well.

1. Museums

Getting wild at The Wild Center (ROOST/Brooke O'Neil photo)

Maybe it is visiting a museum... between The Wild Center, the heritage museums in Tupper Lake and Piercefield, and the Adirondack Museum in nearby Blue Mountain Lake, you will be able to explore everything from the natural environment that makes up the Adirondacks to the history of the first people who were creative enough to start to inhabit it.  

2. Family Activities

Bowl at round at Lakeview Lanes (ROOST/Shaun Ondak photo)

Perhaps you are looking for some family-friendly activities to occupy your time until the clouds blow over. Catch a movie at the historic local theater, bowl a round at Lakeview Lanes, or stargaze like an expert at the Adirondack Public Observatory. 

3. Shopping

Casagrain Gallery, Tupper Lake (ROOST/Shaun Ondak photo)

Possibly a little retail therapy is calling your name? Tupper Lake's unique and growing shopping scene includes art galleries, woodworking shops, farmers' markets & natural food shops, gift shops, a leather artisan, a country store, and more. 

Experience the unexpected

These are just some of the unexpected finds you will uncover during your journey through Tupper Lake. We invite you to come and discover the uniqueness of the Adirondacks, the flavor of the local culture, and the oddities mixed throughout our breathtaking landscape. After all, it is these "things" that make Tupper Lake real and authentic. So, come spend a weekend or a week exploring, relaxing, or just plain observing all that Tupper Lake and the surrounding area has to offer. Then make sure to share your unexpected finds with us.

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