Coney Mountain

As far as views go, this is one of the best in the area and should not be missed. The waters of Tupper Lake can be seen to the north as well and the wooded hills of the Horseshoe Lake Wild Forest to the west. This is an easy summit hike that is great for kids, and kids at heart.

Located right on the border of Hamilton and Franklin counties, Coney is an outstanding bang-for-your-buck mountain. The trail up Coney Mountain is relatively new, as it was redeveloped to replace an old path that led to the mountain's bald round dome. The new trail gently meanders around the mountain, instead of climbing straight up.

Coney Mountain is part of the Tupper Lake Hiking Triad.

For the adventurous, Coney Mountain can be hiked at night for some spectacular stargazing. Tupper Lake is famous for its dark skies and fantastic celestial views. 

How to get there

From the intersection of Routes 30 and 3 in Tupper Lake, continue on Route 30 South toward Long Lake for 10.3 miles to the parking area on the right. The parking area is just off the road, up a little hill. There is not a ton of space in the lot, but the road has wide shoulders that can accommodate overflow. 

By the numbers

  • Distance: 1.1 miles
  • Elevation gain: 548 feet
  • Mountain elevation: 2,265 feet


The trail for the majority is very rocky and still quite new, so footing is a bit rough in areas. Following the well-marked trail, you will sweep your way around the steep western slopes of the mountain. As the trail steepens a bit, it continues to contour its way around to the northern slopes of the mountain and then meets up with the original trail just below the summit.

The final approach is over slab rock, no scrambling is necessary. The views start to open up with Goodman Mountain to the north and Mount Morris to the northeast. It’s a complete panoramic view that will leave you speechless!

Coney Mountain in winter

Coney makes for an excellent snowshoeing trip for the entire family. Be sure to keep Coney Mountain in mind if you have never snowshoed before and want a perfect spot to get started. This is also an excellent opportunity to introduce kids to the sport. With typical heavy snow and ease of access, this is a popular destination in winter. However, expect the chance of heavy winds and cold wind-chills once you are on the mostly tree-less summit.

Due to steepness of the trail, this mountain is not recommended for cross-country skiing.


Coney Mountain is known as one of the most popular stargazing spots in the Tupper Lake Area. Coney provides endless views of the night sky with the 360 degree rock face. It is one of the most highly photographed areas, and is popular for astrophotographers. Other local stargazing spots include Moody Flow, the parking area at Rock Island Bay, and Horseshoe Lake.