Goodman Mountain

Goodman Mountain is located behind what locals call Lumberjack Spring and was once referred to as Litchfield Hill and on some older maps can still be found as such, while I don’t believe it was ever an official name. A new trail has been recently developed by the DEC to mimic the one developed over time by users; it now clearly accesses the summit of Goodman

Trailhead: From the intersection of Route 3 and Route 30 in the Village of Tupper Lake locate Route 30 toward Long Lake. Follow here for just under 10-miles to Lumber Jack Spring on the left. Lumberjack Spring is not marked, but a trailhead post is located there, sign soon to follow.

This 1.7 mile, one way, hike is over easy to moderate terrain. From the parking area locate the old road at the back. This old road used to be Highway 10 between Long Lake and Tupper Lake, back in the day; the old tarmac can still be seen in many areas. Just outside of the parking area there is a kiosk and a new bridge over Cold Brook. A short distance in you will be to the right of an eskar that you will follow along the road. The road is in decent shape and a neat way to hike to this peak.

The road soon climbs steadily to a height-of-land where the new trail leaves the old road on your left. This is roughly 1-mile in from the car. Goodman’s summit is only 0.25 miles away but the trail swings around the steep slopes to avoid unnecessary erosion and making the hike much more accessible and achievable for almost anyone. Once on the trail you will enjoy a wonderful open hardwood forest, where deep greens of the leaves and ferns are the primary backdrop. The trail will swing gently around the base of the mountain and slowly ascend before it makes a sudden turn toward the peak and climb a bit steeper to the shoulder. The trail then follows the ridgeline before it finally ascends to the summit.

Outstanding views of Coney, Tupper Lake, and the Horseshoe Lake Wild Forest are there to await you.  

Elevation: 2,178 feet

Elevation Gain: 570 feet 

Family with Young Kids: 1 hour to the summit

Experienced Hiker: 30 minutes to the summit

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