Tupper Lake Hiking Triad

A year-round Adirondack hiking challenge

The Adirondacks is the home of hiking challenges, and the most family-friendly of those is conveniently located in Tupper Lake. In 2015, a new hiking challenge called the Tupper Lake Triad was launched in the Tupper Lake region of the Adirondacks. The three family-friendly mountains, each of which is within a few minutes of the village, boast outstanding views of the surrounding mountains and lakes from their summits, which are reached via well-maintained and well-marked state Department of Environmental Conservation trails.

After successfully hiking all three peaks, register on the official Triad roster and receive a patch -- and bragging rights, of course. Registration can even be done online, leaving you more time to get out and discover Tupper Lake.

With just three mountains needed to complete the Tupper Lake Triad, you can work on this one over a weekend or wrap it up in the morning and have lunch in town in the afternoon. The Triad is the perfect starter challenge for those just getting in to hiking or for hikers looking to expand their patch and sticker collection. Eternal fame and glory is just three mountains away!

The two TL3 patches for summer and winter.

Meet the peaks

Ready to hit the trails? Already on your way to the trailhead? Slow down! Make sure you have all the hiking essentials first to ensure your trip is safe and enjoyable. Okay, now that you all have the gear, it's time to introduce the peaks.

Mount Arab
A fire tower awaits those who make the moderately steep climb up this mountain. Mount Arab also counts as one of the Adirondack fire tower hiking challenge peaks.
Distance, one way: 1 mile | Elevation: 2545 feet | Ascent: 764 feet
Coney Mountain 
Enjoy superior views with little effort from Coney's rocky summit. Not only is this a great hike, the summit is also a great place to go stargazing.
Distance, one way: 1.1 miles | Elevation: 2280 feet | Ascent: 548 feet
Goodman Mountain 
Goodman Mountain, named after civil rights activist Andrew Goodman, has it all: history, a superb trail, and great views from the summit.
Distance, one way: 1.7 miles | Elevation: 2178 feet | Ascent: 581 feet

Try the Triad in summer and winter

There are two different patches, summer and winter, that you can receive for completing the Tupper Lake Triad.

Summer Triad: hike all three peaks between March 21 and Dec. 19 to receive the summer hiking patch.
Winter Triad: hike all three peaks between Dec. 20 and March 20 to receive the winter hiking patch.

Register for the Tupper Lake Triad online today!

Once completed, fill out the online Tupper Lake Triad registration form

If you prefer to send in your registration by mail, download and print out the Tupper Lake Triad registration form and mail it with your $5 registration fee (please make checks payable to ROOST). Registration can be sent to: Regional Office of Sustainable Tourism attn: TL Triad, 121 Park Street, Tupper Lake, NY 12986.

Disclaimer: Patches could take up to 3 weeks to be received. 

Ready for more?

The Tupper Lake Triad is a great way to get warmed up for some of the other hiking challenges in the Adirondacks. Check out the Saranac Lake 6er, the Lake Placid 9'er, or the Wonders of Wilmington challenges! Or, if you want to explore trails that aren't in the spotlight, there are plenty of options around the area. All you need is a map and a sense of adventure.

For more cool fun, check out the Paddling Triad, too!

Love Your ADK

By taking the Love Your Adirondacks Pledge and practicing Leave No Trace ethics you can help ensure that the forests, waterways, and communities of the Adirondacks remain beautiful and unique for generations to come.

Tupper Lake Triad

# Name Town/City Group Start End Ultra
10299 Katie Morehouse Bolton Landing NY USA Bolton Central School Outing Club 2022-10-01 2022-10-01 U
10298 Rochelle Casey Norwood NY USA - 2022-10-16 2022-10-16 U
10297 Carrie Barton Conklin NY USA - 2022-10-01 2022-10-02
10296 Norm Pollard Alfred Station NY USA - 2022-10-24 2022-10-24 U
10295 Regina Pollard Alfred Station NY USA - 2022-10-24 2022-10-24 U
10294 Sarah Budd Brushton NY USA - 2014-09-07 2022-08-28
10293 Brian Budd Brushton NY USA - 2014-09-07 2022-08-28
10292 Richard Budd Brushton NY USA - 2014-09-07 2022-08-28
10291 Shirley Budd Brushton NY USA - 2014-09-17 2022-08-28
10290 Alyssa Bechore Saranac, NY - 2022-05-01 2022-07-02
10289 Mark Lukasiewicz Plattsburgh, NY/ USE - 2022-10-03 2022-11-07
10288 Danielle Lukasiewicz Plattsburgh, NY/ USA - 2022-10-03 2022-11-07
10287 Ryan Weldele Phoenixville, PA - 2022-11-07 2022-11-07 U
10286 Ann Ciancia Glassboro, NJ - 2022-10-29 2022-11-05
10285 Sean McCluskey Canton, NY - 2022-05-01 2022-11-05
10284 Scott Zanar Keene, NY Scott Zanar 2022-11-06 2022-11-06 U
10283 Connor Schultz Pulaski Connor Schultz 2022-11-05 2022-11-05 U
10282 Scott DeSeyn Camillus, NY - 2021-09-13 2022-11-05
10281 Katrina DeSellems Camillus, NY - 2021-09-13 2022-11-05
10280 Grace Whitcomb Buffalo NY - 2022-07-16 2022-10-07
10279 Grace Simmons Alden, NY - 2022-07-03 2022-10-23
10278 Kathleen Chittenden Hudson Falls, NY - 2019-10-17 2022-10-30
10277 Theodore Chittenden Hudson Falls, NY - 2018-10-07 2022-10-30
10276 Joyce Cressey Canton NY United States - 2021-10-08 2022-10-30
10275 Joyce Cressey Canton NY United States - 2021-10-08 2022-10-30

Tupper Lake Winter Triad

# Name City, State Date Started Date Completed
805. james baxter pittsford, new yourk 01/16/2022 03/12/2022
804. Jackson Morse Niskayuna, New York 03/26/2022 03/26/2022
803. Ashley Demorest Ithaca, New York 03/17/2022 03/17/2022
802. Christine Swanson Manlius, New York 03/20/2022 03/20/2022
801. Charles Swanson Manlius, New York 03/20/2022 03/20/2022
800. Brent Barnhart Tulsa, OK 03/20/2022 03/20/2022
799. Michael A. Terwilliger Tulsa, OK 03/20/2022 03/20/2022
798. Matthew Catania Granby, Connecticut 03/20/2022 03/20/2022
797. Noah Bohl Potsdam, New York 03/13/2022 03/13/2022
796. Kristin Fitzgerald Albany, New York 12/03/2021 12/30/2021

Tupper Lake Canine Triad

# Name Dog Name City, State Date Started Date Completed
543. Marcia DeKalb Henry QUEENSBURY, New York 09/29/2022 09/29/2022
542. Peter G. Evans Penny Webster, New York 10/02/2022 10/02/2022
541. Lisa A. Gibson Remi Geneva, New York 10/01/2022 10/01/2022
540. Kim Schaefer ZOEY & ELLIE Oswego, New York 09/30/2022 09/30/2022
539. Blanche Peck Oscar & Zelda WILMINGTON, New York 10/01/2022 10/01/2022
538. Kayleigh Sattler Luna Baldwinsville, New York 09/23/2022 09/24/2022
537. Barbara Holliday Bentley Rochester, New York 09/13/2022 09/14/2022
536. Daniela Wagstaff Brodie Rahway, New Jersey 09/23/2022 09/23/2022
535. Sara Watts Teddy & Cody Watertown, New York 09/17/2022 09/17/2022
534. Johnathan Hart Luca Cortland, New York 08/27/2022 08/27/2022