Arts & Culture

Inspiration in the mountains

The Adirondack Mountains have long been a backdrop of inspiration and creativity -- so it’s no surprise that the arts and music scene in the Tupper Lake area is alive and growing. From live music and performances to artist galleries and traditional arts workshops, there is a unique mix of artistic and creative experiences to explore throughout our region.

A woman works at a jewelers table.
Taste of T-Hip plays at P-2's Irish Pub in Tupper Lake
A group of four adults in a musical group perform at an outdoor stage at sunset.

Arts, culture, and entertainment 

Steeped in culture and heritage, Tupper Lake is filled with creative and adventurous people looking to express themselves through art. Connect and discover your artistic side as you meet many of the local artists and artisans throughout the Tupper Lake and Piercefield region. From fine arts to metalworking and from beer brewers to boat builders, artistic adventure awaits! Take a trip into the past with unique history, from the Tupper Lake Heritage Museum to the self-guided exploration of the Crossroads Heritage Trail.

Live music venues

Looking to tap into some live music in the area? Browse through our events calendar for a scheduled performance or stop into one of the popular music venues to tune into the band du jour.


Shop, shop, shop!

When you visit Tupper Lake, you’ll want to head home with more than just beautiful photos and a lifetime of memories. So while you are here: get shopping! 

Treasure hunting in Tupper Lake can turn up everything from unique souvenirs and jewelry to rustic Adirondack furniture and impressive artwork. And while you shop, don’t forget to stock your pantries with some authentic local food products and of course some sweet maple syrup (you know, the kind served at our local eateries!) for those mornings when you miss waking up in the Adirondacks.

A colorful gift shop interior at a natural science museum.
A row of three Adirondack packbaskets hang from a beam.
An antique shop is crowded with items on shelves and walls, many with a rustic Adirondack theme.
A table in a gift shop shows fashionable earrings, other small gift items with an Adirondack/natural theme.

Browse through some of our locally-owned stores, farmers' markets, gift shops, and art galleries. Then shop, shop, shop - 'til it's time to grab your walking shoes and get into our great outdoors!