Safe Hiking During Hunting Season

Hike safely during hunting season in Tupper Lake 

About to embark on a fall hike? Great! While the trails are extra beautiful this time of year, it’s important to be aware of who you’re sharing the trails with. During our most colorful transition period in the Adirondacks, hunting season also takes place across the regions. When it comes to enjoying nature during hunting season, safety is paramount. We've got you covered with essential tips and information that will ensure your hikes are peaceful and risk-free.

Hiking during hunting season safety tips 

The well-being of both hikers and hunters depends on everyone recreating safely. This time of year brings unique challenges and risks that require careful consideration and adherence to safety measures. Here's what to know before you go: 

  • Know the season: Be aware of hunting seasons and regulations in your area.

  • Wear bright colors: Dress in blaze orange or other highly visible colors to be seen by hunters.

  • Stay on trails: Stick to established hiking trails to avoid wandering into hunting zones.

  • Make noise: Be vocal and use a bell or whistle to alert hunters to your presence.

  • Avoid dusk/dawn: Hike during daylight hours and avoid early morning or late evening when hunting is more common.

  • Pets leashed: Keep pets on a leash and in bright colors.

  • Communication: Inform someone of your hiking plans and expected return time.

  • Respect hunters: Be courteous to hunters you encounter and avoid disrupting their activities.

  • Research: Check local hunting maps and websites for specific rules and areas to avoid.

Hikers and hunters alike can enjoy the Tupper Lake trails together! Being aware of who you’re sharing the trails with can keep everyone safe and on their merry way to exploring the region with ease. Explore nature with confidence, knowing you have the knowledge and resources to stay safe during hunting season. For more information on safe hiking, visit our hiking page. 

Hunting & Trapping

From big game to small game

Get outside, breathe in the crisp Adirondack air, and enjoy the best of what nature has to offer.

Whatever your game, be it white-tailed deer, black bear, waterfowl, wild turkey, or grouse, Tupper Lake has an abundance of wild game to offer. Located in the heart of one of the largest wild areas in the Northeast, Tupper Lake's deep woods and isolated lakes, ponds, and rivers make it a hunting and trapping paradise. From big game to small, the thrill of the hunt is calling you to the Adirondacks.


Tupper Lake bear hunting trips

With thousands of acres of public lands at your disposal for hunting and trapping, plan your next hunting trip to Tupper Lake. There are estimates that up to 60% of the black bears in New York state call the Adirondacks home, and Tupper Lake’s proximity to prime hunting grounds makes it the perfect basecamp for your next destination bear hunt. Don’t live in New York? Fourteen percent of 2021’s total bear harvest was claimed by out-of-state hunters that traveled to New York for their dream hunt. Hunters and trappers frequent many of the area’s wide variety of lodging properties during hunting season, and there are plenty of warm meals to be had at nearby restaurants.


Waterfowl hunting

Tupper Lake is a premier destination for waterfowl hunting in the Adirondacks. This picturesque town offers hunters a blend of natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and modern amenities unmatched by other destinations. Thanks to healthy populations of ducks, mergansers, and geese in the lakes surrounding the village, hunters will have plenty of opportunities to bag their limit. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time hunter, Tupper Lake offers a hunting experience like no other. Start planning your stay today and experience the waterfowl hunting adventure of a lifetime.


Big Buck contest

The Big Buck contest at Raquette River Brewery is an annual hunting competition where participants compete to see who can take the biggest buck within the Blue Line of the Adirondacks. To enter the contest, participants must bring their harvested buck to the brewery during the hunting season. The brewery will then weigh the buck to determine the winner. Every entrant receives a free beer and the heaviest bucks receive cash prizes. There is also a “lucky buck” drawing each year where one random contestant also receives a reward of a new rifle.


Hunting in the Adirondacks

Whatever type of game you’re after, one of the best ways to ensure your hunting trip is successful is to hire one of the hunting guides near Tupper Lake. There are plenty of things to know before any hunting trip, but careful planning is required when hunting in an unfamiliar area. Before testing your equipment and packing your lucky bib, it’s recommended that you familiarize yourself with New York’s hunting regulations along with any relevant information below provided by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Game harvest reporting

Current New York hunting season dates

Future New York state deer and bear hunting seasons

Eastern Adirondacks State Recreation Land locations


NYS Hunting license purchases

Begin your next great hunting adventure by picking up your New York State Hunting or Trapping License today. Licenses are available at:

Fortune's True Value

66 Main Street, Tupper Lake, NY (518) 359-9471

Tupper Lake Town Office

120 Demars Boulevard, Tupper Lake, NY (518) 359-8193

Online or by phone

You can also order your license online through the DEC’s hunting license portal or by calling 1-866-933-2257


Love Your ADK

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