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Ice Fishing Holes

It’s time to start drilling your holes! Ice fishing season is here to stay. With about a foot of ice in some spots, the season is off to a great start. But where do you set up your tip-ups? There are so many options! In Tupper Lake and Piercefield, we have some of the best fishing holes. You have the opportunity to catch walleye, northern pike, perch, smelt — the list goes on. Check out where the locals catch their fish.

Tupper Lake

Raquette Pond

Try your hand at catching a pike in the shallow waters of Raquette Pond! The deepest point is just over ten feet. This is one of the most popular ice fishing spots because of its location and proximity to town. From the Tupper Lake Municipal Park, which is right across the street from McDonald's, you will see cars lined up and ice shacks on the pond on a daily basis. It is very easy to get on the ice here. Just drive up, park, and walk out onto the ice. 

Little Wolf Pond

If you are looking for a spot that is quieter and more secluded, check out Little Wolf Pond. Home to the popular Little Wolf Beach in the summer, the pond freezes over in the winter and becomes a great location for ice fishing. Most of the shoreline is private property, but the town-owned beach area provides easy access to the ice. Enjoy the quiet time and fish for pike, walleye, and perch here.

Simon Pond

A glimpse of Simon Pond during The Northern Challenge
A glimpse of Simon Pond during The Northern Challenge

Home to one of the largest fishing derbies in New York state, Simon Pond becomes an “ice village” every first weekend of February. Anglers line up for a chance to win $40,000 in cash or prizes throughout The Northern Challenge Fishing Derby.

Simon Pond is an ice fishing destination not just on February 2, but all winter long. Easy ice access is available across the street from the Rod & Gun Club on Lake Simond Road. There is always plenty of safe ice here. We have heard of a few good size northern pike being let go in this pond. Try your hand at catching one of them!


Horseshoe Lake

Horseshoe Lake on a snowmobile.
Horseshoe Lake on a snowmobile.

Horseshoe Lake is a popular ice fishing destination due to its large population of perch. This is a great, quiet place to enjoy Adirondack winter scenery, along with catching fish. There are multiple locations to easily access the lake that are not too far from the road. It is a bit of a drive, so make sure you have directions to the fishing hole here.

Piercefield Flow

A quiet Piercefield Flow.
A quiet Piercefield Flow.

Piercefield Flow is home to great northern pike and walleye fishing. To get access to the ice, locate Pump House Road right after crossing the Raquette River. Drive down to the open area, which in the summer is a soft boat launch. In the winter, it provides perfect access to the ice. There are ample amounts of perch here too, so you shouldn’t leave empty handed from your fishing trip.

Looking for bait before you head out on the ice? Check out Mountain Market Bait & Tackle or Tupper Lake Bait & Tackle to pick up all of your ice fishing needs!

After a full day of ice fishing get a bite to eat at one of our eateries, then relax at one of our cozy motels.