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Peak leaf season is near. It comes and goes so quickly, I hate to miss a minute of the beautiful sights. The leaves are usually at peak around the same time every year, end of September and beginning of October. Because we have a very narrow window to experience the leaves changing color, I like to have my fall days and adventures planned ahead of time.

I like to be outside as much as possible in the fall to take in the crisp, chillier mornings and feel the warm sun on my face in the afternoons. Plus, the bright oranges, yellows, and reds on the trees are an added bonus. 

There's that reflection I was talking about!
There's that reflection I was talking about!

1. The lakes

Take a boat out and scan the shorelines for beautiful foliage. You have a different vantage point from the water, and are almost completely surrounded by the changing foliage. If you go out when the lake is calm, you may get to see a beautiful reflection of color off the water. Paddling is a perfect fall activity because it gives you the chance to see much more foliage than you would from the shore. Put in at the State Boat Launch on Route 30 and head towards Tupper Lake to discover the big lake, or head towards Lake Simond to discover a smaller lake in a back bay, completely surrounded by beautiful foliage. 

The Oxbow as seen in summer. Imagine it in the fall?
The Oxbow as seen in summer. Imagine it in the fall?

2. The Wild Walk/Oxbow

What better way to see the foliage then walking along the tree tops on the Wild Walk? Look through the sights to see High Peaks in the distance or climb into the life sized eagle's nest and see for miles. Take a walk through the nature trails down to the Raquette River Oxbow to see beautiful foliage during peak season. You may get lucky enough to see some wildlife, too.

The fire tower on Mount Arab's summit.
The fire tower on Mount Arab's summit.

3. A mountain top

Mount Arab is one of my favorite mountains to climb during the fall. With the fire tower on top, you can see for miles. During fall it looks like an orange, red, and yellow blanket has covered the green forest. The reflections of the leaves off of Arab Lake are also gorgeous. From the top of the fire tower or from the lookout on the side of the summit it looks as if the leaves are reflecting on to a mirror. As you climb you will find the trail to be covered in leaves as they have started to fall to the ground. This is a great hike because it's only one mile so I can do it before or after work pretty quickly.

The views can span for miles.
The views can span for miles.

4. Tupper Lake Golf Club

The Tupper Lake Golf Club is home to some of the best views of foliage during the peak fall season. Nestled into the side of Mount Morris, changing leaves surround you. The oranges and reds of the leaves create a gorgeous contrast with the bright putting greens and the blue lakes you can see from the course. So grab your clubs and book a fall weekend of golf in Tupper Lake. 

The options to see fall foliage in Tupper Lake are endless. Take a walk through the Waterfront Park and take in the leaves on Raquette Pond, or explore the Junction Pass Trail on two wheels; adventures and beautiful sights surround you. When you are done leaf peeping for the day, find a place to stay and a restaurant to dine at. 



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