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Thinking outside the box

The daily struggle is "What am I going to make for dinner?” My boyfriend and I struggle over this question regularly. We aren’t the type of people to go home after work and stay in the house, not doing much. We are generally on the go 24/7. 

During my favorite seasons of summer and fall I hate spending my time after work running to the store, then home to make dinner, followed by dishes and cleaning up. Instead, after work I like to get to the summit of a mountain, hop on my bike, or go for a paddle. 

Throughout my summer I have found ways to incorporate easy dinners into my adventures so I can maximize my time in the sun exploring. 

Top 4 dinner activities

Paddle time!
Paddle time!

1. Pull up to a sandy beach and grill! 

This is one of my favorite things to do. When out for a paddle, finding a sandy beach and campsite on the lake is easy to do. Take a break from paddling to cook some dinner. Pack a portable grill and some Shaheen’s sausages and I’m happy! 

What more do you need?
What more do you need?
What's better than this view?
What's better than this view?

2. Dinner on a mountain top

Another favorite. Stop at your favorite deli before you head to the trailhead and pick up some sandwiches. When you get to the summit, relax, take in the views, and have a bite to eat. There’s no better dinner view I can think of! Bonus: Leaf peeping season is right around the corner, making the views even better! 

Where else would you want to be?
Where else would you want to be?

3. Walk into Bog River Falls

After a day at work sometimes the best thing to do to unwind is go for a swim. With the heat we have been having, most of the time after work I head for the lake. The Bog is one of the most fun places to swim, with the natural rock water slide. Pack a dinner and spend the evening on the flat rocks taking in the beauty. 

Waterfront biking!
Waterfront biking!

4. Bike the Junction Pass Trail 

Starting downtown, I like to hop onto the Junction Pass Trail and come out at the Waterfront Park. With benches, pavilions, and picnic tables it is a great place to take a break and have some snacks. If you like fishing, bring your pole along and take a couple casts while you're at the park. 

With so much to do during our warmer seasons, I will be spending my time outside exploring the beautiful 6 million acres we are lucky enough to have. Next time you're in the area, try out one of these dining options, I bet they beat eating at home! 

While your here, visit The Wild Center and the Adirondack Public Observatory, then find a place to stay


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