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Are you ready for Valentine's Day?

After getting wrapped up in all of the excitement of the Broncos and the Panthers, it might have slipped your mind that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. ALERT - Valentine’s Day is this Sunday! Yeah, I know, how did that sneak up on us so quickly? It seems like we just got over the holiday hangover, or maybe that's just the pizza and chicken wing dip from the big game catching up with us? Whatever it is, it’s now time to start thinking about how to impress your significant other. So there you go... off to purchase the same old box of chocolate and roses combo that the calendar calls for. Let me guess, next you're off to book reservations at your favorite restaurant and then maybe planning on heading over to the theatre for a night at the movies. Am I right!? Now there is nothing wrong with dinner and a movie... we all love movies (and who doesn't love to eat?). But before you commit to this old favorite, take a moment and think outside the box of what a romantic date could be.

A romantic date doesn't have to start at 7 pm in a crowded restaurant. If I think of some of the best dates I've had with my husband over the years, those are never at the top of the list. The ones that really make me smile include our first "dinner date" -- take-out pizza by a campfire. Our first evening as a married couple -- stargazing in a hammock in our backyard during a meteor shower. Best Valentine's Day -- skiing! Best Friday date night -- after work mountain hike & picnic! Best lazy Sunday -- paddling! Starting to sense the reoccurring theme? 

14 Outdoor Date Ideas

What makes an outdoor date so amazing? Why should you consider breaking away from your normal date night pattern in time for Valentine's Day?

The list goes on and on... You get the chance to avoid the crowds for some alone time on the trails. Doing something active not only helps spark conversation it creates memorable experiences—perfect for filling the awkward silence that comes when you run out of things to talk about over dinner. And we haven't even gotten to the endorphins that are released, the money you will save, or the deeper connection you will make... but let's stop talking and get to planning!

Cold Weather Outdoor Date Ideas

1. Snowshoe or cross-country ski to a lean-to or beautiful overlook for a picnic lunch. It doesn't need to be complicated... a bottle of wine and cheese and crackers will do the trick. Hungrier than that? Swing into your favorite deli and grab a few sandwiches to-go!

2. Take a lantern lit horse-drawn sleigh ride at Lake Clear Lodge - then warm up with dinner & drinks indoors near the fireplace.

3. Conquer the Winter Triad and turn it into a romantic progressive picnic with a different course selection on each mountain peak.

4. Learn something new together such as ice fishing or how to make maple syrup. 

5. Book a private stargazing session at the Adirondack Public Observatory.

6. Build a campfire in the snow and snuggle up as you enjoy after-dinner drinks and dessert.

7. Channel your inner child and go sledding, build a snowman - heck, even a good snowball fight will do the trick!

Warm Weather Outdoor Date Ideas

8. Watch the sunset (or sunrise) on an Adirondack mountain peak.

9. Rent a canoe, kayak or SUP and enjoy a relaxing day exploring the Raquette River.

10. Find your own remote campsite and pitch a tent under the stars.

11. Take a romantic bike & hike combo out to Low’s Upper Dam & Low’s Ridge (not to be partial but this might be one of the coolest spots in the Adirondacks to explore). After your ride & hike, spend the afternoon lounging in the sun on the flat rocks adjacent to Bog River Falls.

12. Experience the thrill of whitewater rafting together.

13. Take a scenic drive through the Adirondacks stopping at cool breweries, art galleries and country stores.

14. Enjoy an evening boat ride on the lake.

Plan Your Romantic Getaway

Romance doesn't need to come and go with the 14th of February. Start thinking outside the box and plan a romantic adventure in the Adirondacks. Book a cozy room or lakeside cabin and start planning a date you will talk about for years to come. Trust me, you will be glad you did!