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For Everyone on Your Holiday List

Gift ideas for shopping local:

Every year, we say we are going to get our holiday shopping done well before the Thanksgiving turkey goes into the oven. But, unfortunately, it seems like just as we get ready to bake the pumpkin pie, we realize that we haven't even begun to tackle "the list." While this year I may have, once again, not hit my deadline goal, it doesn't mean that I need to spend the next few weeks in crowded shopping malls or glued to my computer or tablet looking for cyber sales. Instead I have every intention of spending this holiday season with the ones I love, doing the things we love. How? Well that's easy: by shopping local... shopping Mom & Pop!  

Author's Note: The following is a gift guide covering everyone from committed mom to the bearded hipster. But please, if you are on my holiday list, no peeking... STOP READING immediately. 

For the Outdoorsy Couple

Give the gift of adventure!

  • For nature lovers, there is nothing better than enjoying a meal in the great outdoors. Get them all the supplies they need for a fantastic picnic. Start with your base layer... the picnic blanket! Spruce and Hemlock Country Store has really sweet Tupper Lake blankets in stock. Then grab a bottle of wine and a gift certificate to their favorite deli. Trust me. They'll love this one!
  • Pick them up a gift certificate for a canoe or kayak rental at Raquette River Outfitters. The lakes won't be frozen forever... so give them something to look forward to after all of the holiday tinsel has been packed away and the dog days of summer are starting to poke their way back through. Looking for something more seasonal? Consider getting them some lift tickets for Big Tupper Ski area or admission passes to The Wild Center. (By the way, did you know that in the winter your Wild Center admission pass comes with complimentary use of their snowshoes - great for navigating their nature trails along the Raquette River.)
  • Give them the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Adirondacks from any location with a painting or print from Casagrain Gallery in Tupper. With sizes and prices ranging as large as the number of paintings available, Gary is sure to have a piece that will touch their heart.

For Mom, Sister and Even The One That Stole Your Heart

Give the gift of expression!

  • Looking for a quick and easy way to dazzle her? Pick up a locally made, Earth Girl Design jewelry set from Spruce & Hemlock Country Store.
  • Gift Certificates sound easier? Pick up a Cabin Fever combo! Let her start with a gift certificate for a little well deserved pampering at Park Street Hair and Nails. Then let her browse for herself at Cabin Fever Floral. From scarves, wraps and jewelry, to decorative goods & flowers, she is sure to find something that she'll love while making life pretty easy for you!

For Your Bearded Hipster 

Give the gift of fine craftsmanship!

  • Give him a gift that will match his style! From handmade ornaments to unique beard comb sets, Spruce & Hemlock Country Store has a complete collection designed specifically for that Lumbersexual on your list.
  • You can't go wrong with craft beer... can you? Put together a Tupper Lake craft beer sampler set. Enhance it with some Tupper Lake pint glasses and vintage hotel coasters from Mostly Spruce and Hemlock, and suddenly you have a pretty sweet gift coming together.

For the Kid or Teen Who Seems to Have Everything!

Give the gift of experience!

  • Create a "family day out" gift bundle. Start with some movie passes for the Adirondack State Theater and/or certificate for a round at Lake View Lanes Bowling alley. Then add in a gift certificate for pizza at their favorite pizza joint and you will have a gift that they'll surely be looking forward to putting to use.
  • Want something to help you and your family beat the dreaded Cabin Fever that could be heading your way in the coming months? Consider a Wild Center Day Family Membership or Big Tupper Powder Pass. (Big Tupper Powder Passes will be available after December 12 and include 10 individual lift tickets for only $200. Day Passes & Membership to The Wild Center are available online and at the Center's admission desk.)
  • Swing into Mountain Market & Redemption Center and pick them up their own tip-up and fishing tackle. Just think of the memories you can make while teaching them to ice fish! 

For The Foodie Friend

Give the gift of inspiration!

  • Wow them with a one-of-a-kind cutting board with their favorite recipe engraved into it. Better yet, find a copy of that special handwritten recipe that inspired their love for food... you know, that one of Grandma's stew or Mom's oatmeal cookies. Stop by Spruce & Hemlock Country Store on Lake Street in Tupper Lake to learn more.
  • Put together a basket of locally made or inspired products. Start by picking up a basket at Trillium Florist, Cabin Fever Floral & Gift or Spruce & Hemlock Country Store. Then add items that suit their palate, such as ADK Bloody Mary Tonic, Adirondack Maple Syrup, Local Brews, Some good craft brews from Raquette River Brewing. Finish it off with a gift certificate for some Tupper Lake specialty like a dozen donuts from the Washboard Donut Shop.

For Those Last Minute Hostess Gifts

Give the tasty gift of thanks!

  • From pies and pastries to fresh holiday cookies and gingerbread houses, Larkin's Deli & Bakery is the go-to place for holiday treats. Call in advance and order up the perfect item to wow your hostess.
  • Who doesn't love a nice holiday floral arrangement or wreath? Both Cabin Fever Floral & Gift and Trillium Florist offer beautiful assortments or prearranged bouquets as well as custom-ordered options.
  • You can never go wrong with a good bottle of wine, jar of ADK Bloody Mary Tonic, or a bag of Big Tupper Brewing Coffee beans. 

Don't Miss Small Business Saturday!

Artisan Saturday at The Wild Center
Artisan Saturday at The Wild Center

Looking for the perfect way to get that jump start on your holiday list? Start on Saturday, November 28 as Small Business Saturday and The Wild Center's Artisan Saturday collide. Not only will admission to The Wild Center be only $5, but the museum will be filled with vendors showcasing the work of local artists, jewelry makers, knitters, leather goods makers, photographers, and more. Tell me, doesn't a day of shopping next to Otter Falls sound a heck of a lot better than standing there wondering why only 4 of the 20 or so checkout lanes seem to be open?

- Happy Holidays! 

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