Tupper Lake Waterfalls

Ready and Roaring


A Photography Tour of Local Waterfalls

With the abundance of rain we have received as of late this year, the waterfalls in the Tupper Lake Region are bursting at the seams and are ready for your photographic outings. Many of these waterfalls are a simple roadside attraction, but to reach some, you will have to do a bit of hiking. Below, I have listed five must-see waterfalls in the region, so fasten your seatbelt and get out there before the water recedes.

Mushrooms along the trail

Bog River Falls

This roadside attraction is also a popular spot for fishing and swimming, but right now the buttermilk-looking waters running the rocks are a photographer’s dream. To find Bog River Falls, follow Route 30 out of Tupper Lake toward Long Lake, locate Route 421 about eight miles out of town and follow it. Drive just over a half mile to the stone bridge and park just on the other side. The falls can be seen from the back of the parking lot (best view of lower falls), from the bridge (best view of upper falls), or by following a path to the top of the falls. The base of the lower falls heads right into Tupper Lake and they can be reached by going downhill on either side of the river to the lake. This area is also a picnic area, if you end up here around lunchtime.

Stone Bridge over the Bog River

Raquette Falls

This set of waterfalls can be reached via a hiking trail of 4.2 miles. Locate Corey's road off route 3 and follow to the raquette falls trailhead on the right just past the bridge over stony creek. This is also a designated horse trail.While this is a long trail, it  is a very easy hike through a mixed forest. Along the way, you can also enjoy several views of the Raquette River as well as a nice break spot at Hemlock Hill Lean-to. This rolling hill terrain will eventually get you back to a DEC Interior Outpost, where the river is very scenic. The lower falls is just a bit further up the trail and the upper falls not far beyond that. Remember the round-trip distance is over eight miles, so be sure to leave enough time to enjoy all the hike has to offer.

The Cranberry Lake Waterfall Tour

Copper Rock Falls

Copper Rock Falls

This one-mile round-trip hike is one of the waterfalls along the Waterfall Tour and can be found off Tooley Pond Road. While Copper Rock Falls can be considered more rapid along the Grass River, it presents some of the prettiest colors you can find. The copper-colored rocks give the water an almost orange tint. The trail follows upstream along the Grass River, with accesses to the riverside in several spots for additional views. Steeper falls exist further up the trail but the rapids are the best for photography.

Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls

Just a bit further up Tooley Pond Road you will find the ever so popular Rainbow Falls. This waterfall may possibly be the most photographed waterfall in the region, aside from Bog River Falls. This short half-mile roundtrip excursion is an easy walk to the top of the falls where the rainbow can often be seen, especially in the spring and after recent deluges like we have had over the past few weeks. A path continues along the top of the falls to an additional viewing platform at the river side. Looking upstream, the falls can be easily seen. While walking along the steep part of the falls be very careful, as it is slippery and wet, but if you like the cooling mist, this is the place to be for sure.

Twin Falls

Twin Falls from the shore

Again off Tooley Pond Road, you can find this waterfall attraction. While not really what would be considered “twin falls,” there are two in this one spot. To reach the falls, you will have to do a balancing act over a log or ford the shallow and narrow stream to the opposite bank. Once across, you can head to the top of the smaller falls and down the side along a path to the historical location of a blast furnace. The shore is covered in glass slag from the melting process.  The larger falls can be seen from shore and this is the best viewing area. The top of the larger falls can be accessed by taking a left once across the log and staying on the hill. The top of the falls is very slippery, and it is not recommended that you get too close.

This is just a small taste of what the area has to offer, want more waterfalls? Check out Lampson Falls, Basford Falls, and Sinclair Falls in the Cranberry Lake Region. Want to do a summit hike as well? Tupper Lake has some outstanding mountains to visit.  And be sure to make a weekend out of it; we have some fine lodging and dining as well.