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So much orange, so much seasonal awesomeness

Are you ready to dive headfirst into colorful joys of fall, to taste the flavors of the most colorful season? Well, look no further than OkTUPPERfest, a delightful fall festival that embodies everything we love about our yearly show of flaming foliage and rich harvest, hosted in a scenic, adventure-filled Adirondack town. Returning on October 14, OkTUPPERfest is Tupper Lake's annual family-friendly celebration of fall flavor and a perfect way to discover this warm and welcoming community, where pine cones are some of our favorite things and everything is better with cider.

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A family-friendly extravaganza

In 2023, OkTUPPERfest will be held at Flanders Park, one of the most scenic — and easily accessible — spots in town. Located on the shore of Raquette Pond, Flanders Park is close to Park Street's amenities, has great views, and is adjacent to the Little Loggers Playground, for extra fun and ways to work out all that sugary energy. One of the standout features of OkTUPPERfest is its family-friendly atmosphere. This is the kind of outdoor event where friends and family mingle, visitors are always welcome, and fun floats through the air like the live music that fills the day.

This wouldn't be a truly Adirondack experience without fun for all. OkTUPPERfest offers an enjoyable range of activities that will keep the young and young-at-heart entertained all day long. In addition to dance-able live music, this year's festival will also include hay rides, games and activities, a bounce house, and a children's Monster Dash, a costumed race that always brings out the giggles — and ghouls!

A young boy smiles from his perch on a hay bale on a red wagon hay ride.
An array of children, many in Halloween attire, smile for the camera as a group before a fun run.
A small child smiles at the camera while climbing inside a colorful bounce house.

Connect with local creativity

Tupper Lake has a serious passion for great music, which you'll find on local stages and in restaurants and breweries all year long. OkTUPPERfest certainly provides plenty of music from local performers that you can dance to, drink to, and which will liven up your day. Every year, the music is one of the event's highlights, so don't be surprised to find your favorite new band right here or if the locals invite you to dance! This year's lineup includes Backwoods Brass, a five-piece brass band, and Third Shift, an alt-rock cover band!

OkTUPPERfest also includes a craft show, bursting with local creations by more than one dozen artists and artisans skilled in an array of arts and crafts. Combined with the beat of live music, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience the vibrant arts and culture scene that Tupper Lake has to offer.

A music group performs on a flat stage in front of a blue sky.

Fall flavors galore

One of the highlights for many is OkTUPPERfest's brewfest! You'll be surrounded by unique flavors to sample, plus the opportunity to purchase more to take home. The brewfest is a celebration of fall flavors and the brilliant, flavorful creations of brewers from Tupper Lake and throughout the Adirondacks! Participating brewers are:

Pair your brews from nine local breweries with amazing dishes from five local food trucks, featuring everything from tacos to bbq! Participating food trucks include:

  • Adirondack BBQ
  • Tyler's Pizza
  • Lion's Club
  • Maple Confections
  • Kielbasa, Pierogi & More

The brewfest is always fun and ticket sales are limited, so don't miss out! The cost including brews is $25 per person over 21 years of age, and $5 for any non-drinkers. What better way to toast fall than with a locally crafted flavor inspired by the Adirondacks?

A man at a beer tent hands a glass of beer to a customer.

Discover Tupper Lake

OkTUPPERfest isn't just about the food and fun—it's also a fantastic opportunity to discover the charming community of Tupper Lake. Nestled in the heart of the Adirondacks, Tupper Lake is a small town with a big heart. The warm and friendly locals are known for their hospitality, so make sure to extend your time in town! Come early, stay late, and sample even more fall flavor. Some of our favorite activities include visiting the Wild Walk at The Wild Center, stargazing with the Adirondack Sky Center & Observatory, and taking on the Tupper Lake Triads: two challenges that show off the best in local paddling and hiking!

A teenage girl wearing a baseball cap poses on a mountain summit, holding a hiking challenge patch.

A day to remember

OkTUPPERfest is more than just an event, it's an opportunity to connect to a unique, small Adirondack town that has a big personality. It's also a chance to make memories and enjoy experiences with others. Whether you arrive with friends or family, or maybe even a little bit of both, there's no better way to celebrate fall than by enjoying OkTUPPERfest and spending time in Tupper Lake! Mark your calendars and don't miss out!