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Stony Creek Ponds - Ice Fishing

Hit the hard water here at Stony Creek Ponds! Maybe you'll find an elusive walleye. Spend a few hours or come back for a few days to really see all you can catch!

How to get there

About 8 miles east of Tupper Lake, turn right off Route 3 onto Corey's Road. Within half a mile the Stony Creek Ponds will come into view on the left. Access is via a 250 yard trail that parallels the southern shore of the pond. You can park along the road on the right before the hill. Please take care to not block the private horse trail that connects with the road.

Ice fishing

When the ice is right, the fishing is superb! Ice fishermen and women will find northern pike, yellow perch, and pumpkinseeds, along with the occasional walleye. The maximum depth is around 40 feet in the deepest hole; look for walleyes here. Otherwise, the perch and pike should be biting. 

Northern Pike
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