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Tupper Lake is Going Green

The Tupper Lake High School has had a student organization for some time now that focuses on helping the school district and the community of Tupper Lake go green and reduce our environmental impact. “The Green Team” consists of students interested in creating environmentally positive initiatives for Tupper Lake.

The Green Team

This past winter, in December of 2019, the Green Team created a resolution that they had brought to be passed by the Tupper Lake Central School Board. The resolution passed unanimously, and it was a request to better the garbage process of the district.

Having a composting system for the school cafeterias was one of the projects The Green Team has been working on. With a partnership with The Wild Center, the Tupper Lake Central School District was able to start composting this past winter, using the composter at The Wild Center.

Earlier in 2019, The Green Team had visited both Town and Village Board meetings to pass resolutions naming Tupper Lake a Climate Smart Community. Both boards passed the resolutions, taking the next step for Tupper Lake.

Wild Center map of summits around the world.
Wild Center map of summits around the world.

The Wild Center

Each year, The Wild Center hosts the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit. It is a two-day event for high school and college students to learn about climate change, and its impacts and solutions. Students can take the information learned here and bring it back to their communities, schools, or even their own families and implement them.

There are over 40 locations around the world that host their own Youth Climate Summits. How lucky are we to have The Wild Center right in our community that is such a leader for climate change in the Adirondacks and New York?! Check out The Wild Center’s website for more information on Youth Climate Summits, and other initiatives they are involved in!

Car charging stations at Shaheen's Adirondack Inn
Car charging stations at Shaheen's Adirondack Inn

Other Green Initiatives

Over the last few years we have seen many initiatives made by small businesses to help make Tupper Lake a green community. Multiple electric car charging stations have popped up throughout the village. Different lodging properties have added them to their parking lots, and other public community establishments have done the same. Shaheen’s Adirondack Inn and The Faust Motel offer the charging stations for their guests, and the Tupper Lake Municipal Park added charging stations, as well as The Wild Center. The Wild Center also offers special parking spaces for hybrid cars. Shaheen’s Adirondack Inn also offers bikes for their guests, hoping that guests will use them to travel throughout the community instead of driving their cars. Some restaurants have started a composting system as well!

Small initiatives like these slowly add up and all contribute to creating a green community in Tupper Lake. With the Tupper Lake High School Green Team and The Wild Center leading the way, Tupper Lake is well on its way to being environmentally conscious.

Happy Earth Day!

On this Earth Day, wherever you are celebrating, try to implement some of the basic green initiatives. Carpool, use a reusable shopping bag, and recycle your bottles or cans. Together we can make the Earth (and Tupper Lake) a better place to live!