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Tupper Lake is known for having endless waterways including lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams. There are trips for every paddling ability and knowledge. From multi-day trips to a couple hour-long trips, there is a paddle for everyone in Tupper Lake. I consider myself a semi-beginner paddler. I enjoy paddles that take a couple hours and that are considered a leisure paddle. Continue reading to out my top 3 paddles in the Tupper Lake area!

Paddling down the Raquette.
Paddling down the Raquette.

Stony Creek Ponds to Axton Landing

This trip is excellent for beginning paddlers. This trip will have you meandering through the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Stony Creek Pond before you connect to the Raquette River and end at Axton Landing. It is about 4 miles one-way. There are no portages, making it a great trip for a fun filled day with the family! There are a bunch of picnic and swimming spots throughout the trip, and the birding is said to be exceptional along the water.

A pull-off along the way
A pull-off along the way

The “Crusher” to Tupper Lake Boat Launch

The Raquette River boat launch on Route 3 is locally known as “The Crusher." There are a variety of trips you could embark on from this launch. One of my favorites is to paddle the Raquette River right into Tupper Lake. You will come out into Simon Pond, then continue paddling to the State Boat Launch. This is a little bit of a longer paddle that could take the majority of the day, at a leisurely pace. There are tons of campsites and pull offs where you can stop for a break, a snack, or a swim.

Raquette Pond to Setting Pole Dam

For this trip you can put in right at the Tupper Lake Waterfront Park on Raquette Pond. This trip is full of history. Raquette Pond was used as a holding place for logs that floated down the river, and then on to the saw mills. Continuing the paddle down the Raquette River, you pass under the historic Underwood Bridge. Back in the day the train would travel across the bridge. Now it is a popular fishing spot, and an iconic scene from the boat. Setting Pole Dam is another locally known great fishing spot. There is a launch to pull your boats out of the water, have lunch, and take in the beauty. This trip will take about a half a day and is a fairly easy paddle, meandering down the Raquette River.

These trips are great for families that don’t want to spend a whole day on the water. They provide great scenic spots, birding opportunities, and tons of family fun!

Don’t have any of your own gear? Check out Raquette River Outfitters when you get here. Rob and Anne can hook you up with any equipment or transportation you may need for the trip.