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Tupper Lake has a growing population of very talented local artisans that make our community unique. From boat building to leather artistry and everything in between, Tupper Lake is a home for many creative Adirondackers.

Rob Frenette

Rob Frenette was born and raised in Tupper Lake. He later lived all over New England, but realized none of the places he lived had everything that Tupper Lake has. Realizing that Tupper Lake was a true gem is what brought him back to the region to start his business. Rob and Anne run Raquette River Outfitters, a very popular canoe, kayak, and SUP rental business in the warmer months. Aside from that, Rob also restores and builds boats.

One of the projects in Rob's shop.
One of the projects in Rob's shop.

Rob gets to combine many of his interests and bring them all into boat building. He likes to get out into the woods and look for the different wood that he needs for a project, harvest it, and bring it back to the shop. After working on a boat, he enjoys seeing them out on the water, being used for their purpose.

Dan King

Dan King moved to Tupper Lake over 20 years ago after living in Florida, but knowing he wanted to be in the mountains. When he came to summer camp in the Adirondacks in 10th grade, he fell in love with the communities.

Dan's work can be seen on these fireplace door at Raquette River Brewing.
Dan's work can be seen on these fireplace door at Raquette River Brewing.

He is an artist blacksmith and runs Hammersong here in Tupper Lake. If you are out and about in the community, you will see his work all over. Dan has made chandeliers and fireplace doors at Raquette River Brewing, bike racks at Boulevard Wine & Spirits, and light fixtures outside the Tupper Lake Chamber of Commerce, just to name a few. He says that having his work out in the community makes him feel like he is a part of Tupper Lake, and he takes pride in businesses asking him to create something for them.

Allison & Broyce Guerette

Allison and Broyce Guerette took over The Leather Artisan in Childwold in 2019. Together with their son Theo, they have taken over from the Amoroso family. Both born and raised in Tupper Lake, the Guerettes wanted to stay in Tupper Lake to raise their children.

A sample wallet and purse combo at The Leather Artisan.
A sample wallet and purse combo at The Leather Artisan.

They make the purses, belts, earrings, and wallets in the shop. We got to see the production of a purse while we were there. It starts with a roll of leather, where the purse pattern gets cut out of, then moves to the sewing station. Here, Allison also does some hand etching for different designs on the bags. This makes orders able to be customizable, which people really love. From here, hardware is assembled and a bag is ready to be sold.

Tupper Lake is very lucky to have such a variety of artisans throughout the community. In local shops you will find locally made products for sale, giving you the opportunity to bring a piece of Tupper Lake home with you. Many local artisans offer online shopping opportunities that provides a great option if you can’t make it to the area!