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Find it on your bike!

Fall is here and it is my favorite time to get on my bike and go for a ride. I find it so peaceful, to go for a ride and take in the beautiful colors on the leaves. I love to pack a lunch, throw my bike on my car, and see where the day will take me. Check out some of my favorite rides. 

I can't think of a better view to bike along!
I can't think of a better view to bike along!

Road Cycling

Road cycling options in the Tupper Lake area are endless. Take off from Park Street and head out on Route 30 towards Long Lake. This is my favorite ride because of the views. Once you get out of the village, take a stop at “The Flow” or Moody Bridge. This is a great spot to take in views of Big Tupper Lake and Lake Simond. The Foliage around the lake during peak season is gorgeous with mirror-like reflections on the water. 

Hop back on your bike and you will continue to ride along the water past the State Boat Launch, and out of town towards Long Lake. You can ride as far as you would like, my favorite turn around spots are either the first parking area on the right side of the road overlooking Black Bay, or I like to turn around at Bog River Falls. The parking area at Black Bay gives you different views of Big Tupper Lake you may not usually get to see.

To continue on to Bog River Falls ride past the parking area until you see County Rt. 421 on your right. Take the right and ride for about a half mile until you come to the bridge. You will see the falls on your left and Tupper Lake on your right. If you want to take a break from riding, park your bike and walk the trail to the falls for a great spot to take a rest.

Checking out the map at the Rollins Pond Boat Launch. (Lisa Sciacca Photo)
Checking out the map at the Rollins Pond Boat Launch. (Lisa Sciacca Photo)

Rollins Pond

I’ve biked through Fish Creek Campground countless times since I grew up camping there every summer. It’s a great, fairly easy ride through the campground. Rollins Pond Campground is connected to Fish Creek, and if you decided to continue on through Rollins Pond, it can add as many miles as you would like to your bike ride. 

About half way through the Fish Creek Campground, you'll see a right hand turn for Rollins Pond. Continuing straight you will come to the Rollins Pond main gate. Unlike Fish Creek, Rollins Pond is not very flat, making it a great workout on the bike. During peak leaf season, these campgrounds provide some of the best bike riding in order to see the leaves at the same time. Stop at an empty camp site, have lunch, or even test the water on a warm day. 

The view from Axton Landing. Paddlers enjoying the fall season!
The view from Axton Landing. Paddlers enjoying the fall season!

Corey’s Road 

Heading out of Tupper Lake, follow Route 3 towards Saranac Lake. When you come to Corey’s Road on the right pull off onto the road to find a parking spot. If there is no room on the road continue up Route 3 to a parking area on the left hand side of the road. Once you are on your bikes start down Corey’s Road. this is a great scenic bike that allows you to go as far as you would like. 

You will bike past Stony Creek Ponds, an excellent spot for fishing. Following the tree lined road you will have great views of peak foliage throughout your whole ride. My favorite place to turn around on this trip is Axton Landing. Eventually the road will turn to dirt, then you will see a split in the road and a sign on a tree that points to Axton Landing. Continue down the dirt road and you will run right into Raquette River. This soft boat launch is a perfect spot to have lunch, relax, and take in the foliage. 

Looking for more bike inspiration?  Check out this biking blog with different options in the Tupper Lake area. 

Bring your bikes to Tupper Lake this fall and plan your ride around the peak foliage. The views will be second to none, you will be happy you visited.

After your ride, find a restaurant to refuel, and a comfy bed to spend the night.