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Test Out My Top Family Friendly Bike Rides

Biking is a great way to explore our town from a different perspective. Biking might be an easier way to navigate town if you are traveling with kids, or throw them in the car and head out on an adventure-packed day! I tried to narrow down my favorite bike rides as best I could, and I ended up with these four. 

Fish Creek

One of my all time favorite things to do is throw the bikes in the truck and head out to Fish Creek. Maybe it is because I grew up camping at Fish Creek and I love the smell of a campfire when biking the loop. Or maybe it’s because if you go later, around dinner time, you have the opportunity to catch the ice cream man. Because some summers go by and I never make it out to camp -- riding around the loop, seeing the campers out and about, and smelling the campfires are the next best thing. The loop is a fairly easy ride with minimal hills. You have the option to extend your bike ride with a trip into Rollins Pond, or to cool down after your ride, hit the beach! This is a great family-friendly ride, with the opportunity to stop at the playground too!

Lows Dam

Another great spot for biking is the trip to Horseshoe Lake and Lows Dam. I like this ride because it is family-friendly and good for beginners. The beginning of the trail is gravel, and you ride along Horseshoe Lake with multiple campsites and tons of spots to rest and take in the views of the lake. Once you cross the old railroad tracks and ride through some forest you will see a gate on your left. Maneuver your bike around the gate and follow this trail to Lows Dam. This is a great day trip because once you arrive at the dam you have the option to add a short hike up Lows Ridge to your trip.

Junction Pass

The Junction Pass trail has been a great addition to Tupper’s bike paths. Starting at the train station downtown, this trail can connect you to uptown and to the Municipal Park waterfront boardwalk. It is 3 miles round-trip, and all flat. The trail is gravel, and a great spot to take a family with young kids biking. The Junction Pass trail provides an alternative to driving through town, as it can connect you to anywhere you need to go. My favorite part is to come out at McDonald's and cross the road to the park, then bike along the water. Let the kids stop and burn more energy at Little Loggers Playground, or catch a live performance at the end of the pathway at the Tupper Lake Bandshell. The park is one of the best places to see the sunset. Plan your bike ride accordingly, and you could catch a beautiful show. 

“The Flow”

Last but not least, one of my favorite spots to bike is right along the lake on Route 30. There is a great parking area to leave your car just past Lakeview Lanes Bowling Alley. From there, take off toward Long Lake, biking over Moody Bridge and past the state boat launch. If you are looking for a longer ride, a bike to Bog River Falls could be just what you are looking for. Bring your bathing suit and take a dip when you arrive! I love this ride because it follows Tupper Lake all the way to the Bog. There are even a couple of spots where you can pull over and see the views. I would recommend this bike ride for intermediate to experienced riders, as it is lengthy — it's about 20 miles round-trip, and there are some big hills. 

Bike With Us

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