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As winter approaches, I am putting together a new bucket list — it's a compilation of outdoor activities that I have been wanting to do, but never get around to.

My plan is to keep it realistic, and focus on the winter months. If I keep the activities fun, maybe I will stick with my bucket list and get some things done that I have been wanting to do. I am thinking SNOW!

Keeping it simple — here are three winter activities I want to accomplish before the snow and ice melts!

I need the winter one! (Shown on the left)
I need the winter one! (Shown on the left)

1. Winter Triad Patch

I have my summer patch, but have never actually hiked any of the three triad mountains during the winter season. I invested in a pair of snowshoes early this winter, so now I have no reason not to go!

Hiking during the winter months can be a totally different experience. The views can be different and even more breathtaking when everything is covered in a blanket of snow or ice. Hiking in the winter can also be more dangerous because of the temperature changes and amount of ice that you may slip on. This is why layers, a backpack with extra clothes, food, and water, and a pair of snowshoes or Yaktrax are strongly recommended.

I am excited to get up Coney, Arab, and Goodman this winter and receive my triad patch as a well earned token of my accomplishment.

Time to ride!
Time to ride!

2. Snowmobile

This is something I use to do as a kid all the time. Once I got involved in high school sports and went off to college it just seemed to fall off the agenda. So, I have not snowmobiled in years.

We have such a great trail system connecting us to other communities, I want to take advantage of it. Our trails incorporate some of the most scenic backcountry and some awesome frozen terrain you can imagine — you won’t ever want the ride to end!

One of my favorite rides is from Tupper Lake to The Thirsty Moose in Childwold to have lunch or dinner, and then ride back home. The Thirsty Moose is a snowmobile hotspot with great home cooked meals, a full bar, and gas all at the same place. What more do you need? I can’t wait to get out for a ride!

There's my goal...
There's my goal...

3. Catch A Fish Ice Fishing

Well, this may count as two activities I can cross off my list, because I have never actually been ice fishing. So: 1) go ice fishing and 2) catch a fish. Luckily enough for me, my boyfriend Robbie is an avid ice fishermen and can take me out and show me the ropes. I’ve never drilled a hole or set a tip up, or put bait on the hook, so it should be a great experience all around. However, I will not be touching a fish if I do happen to catch one; Robbie can take care of that! Who knows, maybe I’ll get struck with a little beginner's luck and take home the grand prize at The Northern Challenge in February!

Preparing for your winter trip? Find a cozy place to stay and a delicious restaurant to eat at. Discover winter in Tupper Lake!

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