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Holiday exercise in the ADKs

As the holiday season is in full swing, I find myself indulging in cookies and pies and every sweet known to man. How can I not? They are too good to pass up. It all starts with Halloween candy (I eat more than I pass out to kids), then the goodies at Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas cookies and sweets. Next thing I know it’s New Years and just like so many others, I'm thinking about my resolution of working out every day and eating better. 

A great addition to Park St.
A great addition to Park St.

Of course, we know it's hard to work in exercise during the busy holiday season, and add traveling and vacation into the mix, and you might be tempted to put off your workout. No need!

One of the great amenities we have to get a jump on that New Year's resolution is Core Fitness. Stop in to try one of the many classes offered every day. From Zumba to insanity, with beginners classes and more, there is no doubt you could find a class that's perfect for you. Kick start your day with an early morning 5:30 a.m. class or finish off your night with an evening class, Core Fitness has a great range for all abilities. If you aren’t into group exercise, buy a membership and workout on your own using the numerous pieces of gym equipment. Get a run in on the treadmill, or pump some iron in the weights section. 

Not into going to the gym?

Thankfully, our backyard can be a gym if you use it correctly. It’s never packed, and it doesn't have that sweaty gym smell either. 

Tupper Lake's Groomed Cross Country Ski Trails
Tupper Lake's Groomed Cross Country Ski Trails

Snowshoe/XC Ski

Get your snowshoes out and tackle the Winter Triad. Coney, Goodman, and Arab all take on a different level of difficulty when they become covered with snow, but this is what makes the Winter Triad that much more interesting. I bet you won’t be cold when you get to the top of any one of the three mountains, instead I'd bet you'll be shedding your layers. Bring a backpack to carry anything you take off! 

The nature trails at The Wild Center are another great spot to break out the snowshoes. If you don’t have any at your disposal, they come with your day pass to The Wild Center. Kill two birds with one stone that way. Venture on down to the Oxbow for a great view and adventure. You will enjoy yourself so much you might not even realize you’re working out. 

Take your cross-country skis up to the groomed trails at the Tupper Lake Golf Course and work up a sweat exploring the miles of trails, or find a special trail of your own. The possibilities are endless if you don’t mind bundling up and embracing the winter temperatures. When the snow cooperates, we have some of the best cross-country ski trails in the area — and the best part? The price…FREE! Discover them for yourself. 

The ice is in!
The ice is in!

Ice Skating

If you get sick of fighting off the cool air and snowy days, another great option we have is public skating at The Tupper Lake Memorial Civic Center. Free public skating is offered almost daily depending on sport team schedules. While you’re there warm up with a snack and hot chocolate from the snack shack, get your skates sharpened, and enjoy the recent upgrades to our Civic Center. Updates include changes in the locker rooms, and an upper deck warming room to make spectators extra comfortable. 

Get a jump on your New Year's resolution before the season gets into full swing and maybe you'll counteract all those tasty holiday treats! Plan a trip to discover the recreation we have to offer, the options are endless in Tupper Lake!