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Experiences are so much better than material things. So whenever I'm giving a gift, I like to try to find a way to give someone an experience rather than just some piece of plastic that will take up space at their house for a few years until they throw it out. 

The Tupper Lake area is rife with opportunities for discovery, which makes a great present for your loved ones. So this holiday season, give the gift of discovery! 

1. Discover nature

Get your favorite family tickets to The Wild Center, and they'll get to discover all kinds of information about nature. In addition to a slew of fascinating exhibits, the natural history museum also has tons of fish, spiders, turtles, ducks, otters, and other animals; movies that delve into topics like ducks and climate change in a jaw-dropping panoramic movie theater; and guided ventures outside that teach you about nature while you're actually out experiencing it. There's also always lots of fun events and hands-on activities to do when you visit. Great for the whole family!

2. Discover great snowmobiling 

Give the gift of a snowmobiling weekend in Tupper Lake. There are lots of fun trails to explore, plus excellent snowmobile-friendly places to stop and warm up along the way!

3. Discover space

Kids and adults alike are fascinated by space. What's out there? What can you see through a telescope that you can't with your bare eyes? Give your loved ones an IOU for a night of stargazing at the Adirondack Public Observatory, and they'll get to delve into the mysteries of the cosmos with like-minded explorers. 

4. Discover good beer 

There's a lot of beer out there. And, in case you didn't notice, not all of it is good. Some people think they don't actually like beer, but it's because they have yet to try the good stuff. For those people, you should buy a growler of beer from Raquette River Brewing. And probably a gift certificate too, because once they discover good beer, they'll want to find more, and they'll love the casual, fun atmosphere at the brewery.

5. Discover ice 

If you know someone who's never been ice fishing, it's time for them to start. Buy them a few tip-ups and some bait and head out to the ice. You can share your ice shanty to start with, but your friend will have his or her own very soon! 

6. Discover adrenaline

Your kids are going to love sledding at the Tupper Lake Golf Course. It's a free activity, so get them a sled — and maybe mittens and snow pants to keep them warm — and head to Tupper Lake to send them down the golf course hills!

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