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Biking and more!

Time to ride!

Shortly after my returning from camping on Meacham Lake, my friend Trisa contacted me to see if I'd like to go paddling or biking. As I had been paddling much more than biking over the past few months, I was anxious to get back on the saddle. I've been wanting to bike on the Floodwood Road, and this was a great opportunity to enjoy it with a friend! Putting my camping gear away could wait another day or two! After all the long winter season is looming and snow could be just around the corner! Our biking days are numbered!

Public parking area - Upper Saranac Boat Launch
Public parking area - Upper Saranac Boat Launch

We discussed several places to park our vehicles, finally deciding that the Upper Saranac Boat Launch near the Saranac Inn Golf Course would be the best place.

Oh No! Fridge is empty!

Now... what to take for lunch?  Oops, I hadn’t shopped, so the fridge was bare, except for some condiments. In a panic I checked out what I had in my non-perishable goods, hmm, camping leftovers! Yes, I was in luck, I found a tuna salad with crackers package. This little package was perfect as it would fit nicely in my small saddle bag and there was no work involved!

In a rush to get out the door to meet Trisa, I forgot my bottle of water. Luckily, the Trading Post across from Fish Creek Campground was open. At the checkout I couldn’t help but purchase a couple of Crunchy Peanut Butter Clif bars - one for each us.

We started biking on County Route 46 and dismounted to cross Route 30 to Floodwood Road — it's located on a very sharp corner, traffic coming in four directions, so it was best to be safe. It begins as a paved road, with hills (but no major ones, which we do have in the Adirondacks), then turns to hard-packed dirt, with some areas of gravel. There are some potholes, but they are easily avoided. We encountered only a few cars.

Hard packed dirt road most of the way.
Hard packed dirt road most of the way.

The views!

As for the views, they were fantastic! We biked by the Saranac Inn Golf Course, a bit brown due to the lack of rain, then the beautiful ponds; Green Pond, Polliwog Pond, Middle Pond and Floodwood Pond along with the entrances to East Pine Pond and Long Pond. Believe me, this area is paddler's paradise!

Polliwog Pond one of my many favorites!
Polliwog Pond one of my many favorites!

Primitive camping on Floodwood Road!

We passed many occupied campsites, a couple from NC were enjoying their breakfast. They were amazed at the numerous paddling opportunities in this area. They stated, "There are so many wonderful places to paddle, we have a hard time deciding where to go!" They decided to do the Floodwood Loop that day, of course I had to tell them about our Raquette River! They assured us this would not be their last trip to the Adirondacks.

Visitors from North Carolina, state "so many places to paddle here!"
Visitors from North Carolina, state "so many places to paddle here!"

Back on our bikes we pedaled by more occupied campsites and the Floodwood Outpost, how unique! St. Regis Outfitters, located a second store in the woods - it's a convenient location for campers, paddlers, and bikers!

Trisa and I continually chatted about the scenery, places we paddled, and places we want to paddle. As we passed East Pine Pond, I informed her that it is on my paddle list! 

We were surprised at the number of camps along the route. Neither one of us knew how far we could go on the Floodwood Road, but we decided we would pedal until we were tired.

Sense of humor!

Mega bucks!  Antlers or dollars!
Mega bucks! Antlers or dollars!

End of the line!

Unfortunately, we came to a gate which ended our trip prior to us being tired.

Oh well, end of the line!
Oh well, end of the line!

Time to eat!

On the way out we stopped at East Pine Pond and walked our bikes to the parking area. Trisa suggested that we take the path to the left of the parking lot to the campsite for lunch. She had previously been to this site, I had not. The campsite was wonderful. We watched and listened to the loons on the pond while enjoying our lunch.

East Pine Pond - perfect picnic area!
East Pine Pond - perfect picnic area!

On the way out we also stopped at the Floodwood Outpost. We inquired as to how far we biked, the staff took a look at the map and estimated the round trip to be approximately 12 miles. Well, we said, "not far but fun!"

Trisa hurried back to Saranac Lake to do an errand, I did a short ride around the Saranac Inn area, admiring the homes and lake views then headed home.

It was another perfect day in the Adirondacks with a friend! Don't miss out! Grab a friend and create some memories in the Tupper Lake area!