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When Boating Tupper Lake

Looking for a fun filled, action packed day on the water? Tupper Lake is filled with hidden spots that mostly only the locals know about. From cliff jumping to sun bathing, we have it all.

The Bluffs

The perfect place for adventurous boaters, the bluffs have something for everyone. Starting at the highest point, about 30 feet up, you will find your bravest jumping off. If you work yourself down the slant, it’s a lower and lower jump. The lowest point is only about 15 feet up… still took me twenty minutes to do it. (It looks a lot higher when you are up there.) To the left of the cliff is a rock landing sticking out of the water, perfect for the little jumpers, or to tie your boat up to. Don’t worry - there is about 40 feet of water all around the rocks, so you’re good to go. I would not recommend diving off any part of the bluffs but if you're up for a jump, this is the place. The Bluffs are located off to the left of the channel when heading from Tupper Lake towards the Municipal park. 

The Bog

At the end of the eleven miles that spans Tupper Lake, you will find the best natural water slide in the ADKs! The bog is a local hangout for people of any age. Whether you are sunbathing on a rock, swimming in the little pool at the bottom, or sliding down the rocks covered in white caps, there is fun for all ages. Starting at the top of the bog the rocks are very slippery, so be careful walking out to the middle of the rock-slide. Depending on how high the water is, the current at the bottom may be very strong. If you are not a strong swimmer, or you do not weigh a lot, I suggest a life jacket and somebody at the bottom to catch and guide you. The bog is accessible by both car and boat, however a forewarning for the boaters: you will have to tie up at the bottom of the bog, climb up the side bank of the road, cross the road and then go through the trail to the bog - now that's a true test for anyone who wants the taste of a day in the real Adirondacks. The travel to the Bog from the boat launch is pretty lengthy so don’t forget to stop by Blue Jay Campsite, it's the only place to buy gas on the lake!

Sandy Beach/Lean-To

If you want a spot to be able to tie up your boat and move the party to a beach, this is the perfect place for you! On the left-hand side of the lake in one of the bays, there is a public beach area that most people do not know about. However there are some regulars, so you want to get there early to reserve it. It is the perfect spot to unload coolers and chairs, and even some people, while others water ski or tube out in front. It is also a great spot to set up a tent or two if you want to try out camping on the lake. Only accessible by boat, this sandy beach is a must stop on a beautiful day.

When driving down either shoreline on the lake you will see different beach stops, or public lean-tos that are available for guests. Also across the lake from the state boat launch is a public lean-to with an outhouse. It was built by Eagle Scout, Adam Patry, and is a great spot to overnight camp. 


Devils Pulpit 

For the extreme adventurers only: Devils Pulpit! This is a cliff that is 40 to 45 feet high, plunging into the depths of Tupper Lake. It is located further down the lake towards the bog on the left hand side. Devils Pulpit has attracted the biggest daredevils for years. Once you climb to the top, the view from up there might be a little different then the view from the boat! However, once you get up there, the easiest way down is to jump. It is a pretty rigorous climb up to the cliff, especially in a bathing suit and flip-flops. Devils Pulpit can be a true test of how much of the Adirondacks you would really like to explore.

Boat Launches

For access to the lake, you can head to the State Boat Launch on Rt 30, or the Raquette Pond Launch at the Municipal Park.