Bike to the Bog!

Enjoy the views!

Lisa Sciacca

Time for a ride!

At 1:30pm I geared up my bike with a full bottle of water placed in the holder and my cell phone tucked securely away in my small saddle pouch. My ride was to start at the bottom of Country Club Road, the access road to the Tupper Lake Country Club and the former Big Tupper Ski area, just a couple of miles south of the village. My destination was Bog River Falls. Due to so much camping and paddling this summer I hadn't biked much, and the little I did consisted of short rides. So today, even though it was a hot muggy day, I wanted to ride.

About my route!

The bike lane along Route 30 South is wide, however to be extra safe I hugged the right side of the bike lane. I stopped several times to take pics and grab a drink. Along the route you pass a few family-owned lodging accommodations. The Red Top Inn is the first one on the left side of the highway, they offer a bait and tackle shop, and rentals of aluminum fishing boats if you want to try your luck at casting a line.

Once you pass Timber Lodge — which has nice Adirondack-style accommodations — you will see only a few garages, mailboxes, and driveways on your right. Many of these driveways lead to homes that sit on Tupper Lake's shoreline. If you want to enjoy this shoreline, you could book at Blue Jay Campsite or check out vacation rentals, there are some nice ones! There is only one house on the left side of the highway, so it is good to carry a cell phone in case you have a flat or some other bike issue.

This is not a flat ride, like most of the highways in the Adirondacks, there are hills — but they are doable if you are in the right gear!

The views!

The route takes you along Tupper Lake, and the views are fantastic! You do come to areas where you can't see the lake, but the landscape is beautiful too!  I wanted to take a shot while going up one particular hill. There was a break in the forest and I could not only see Tupper Lake, but the white birch trees and wildflowers along the roadside enhanced the shot. However. not wanting to lose my momentum, I passed up that photo opportunity!

The rocks cliffs - see the vertical lines.

You pass several rock cliffs, you can see the vertical cuts in the cliffs created during the construction of the highway.

I love Rock Island Bay!

The first parking area is a perfect place to stop, catch your breath, take a photo or two, or enjoy a lunch. This is called Rock Island Bay. There is also a parking area directly across the highway, I often see people fishing and taking photos at these two parking areas.

Rock Island Bay!

Another favorite place to stop!

Near Route 421 there is another parking area, a must-stop for me even though it was close to my destination. Here, too, the view is fantastic! On the opposite side of the highway you will see more cliffs.

Just look at this view of Tupper Lake!

Route 421

Route 421 is on the right, and Bog River Falls is a mere .7 miles down this route. I dismounted in the parking area after crossing the bridge, and walked on the trail to take some pics then walked on the bridge to get some more shots! On the other side of bridge I picked up the unmarked trail that leads to the starting point to slide down the natural rock waterslide. (I did it a couple of times, in my younger days!). It is a favorite spot of many locals and has become a favorite of vacationers as well. If you don't care to slide on the rocks you can just take a dip, fish, picnic or just relax and enjoy this calm little piece of heaven!

The falls!

As I got closer to the falls, I could see something in the water. It turned out to be someone snorkeling! With Jim's permission, I snapped his photo while he was looking for fishing lures — it was easy to tell by his smile that we was having a blast! However, he was a bit camera shy, so you'll just have to trust me when I say he was smiling! I never thought of snorkeling here, it is another option! 

Jim having a blast!

There was a threat of rain and a slight chance for a thunder and lightning storm, a quick glance at the sky informed me it was time to head home. I didn’t stop for a pic or a drink, I drank as I raced home. I  was thankful that I made it home without getting wet!

A reward!

That evening I headed to Ohana’s with a friend. I wanted to try their Reuben sandwich and their cinnamon milkshake. Unfortunately, they no longer make the cinnamon shakes, however I was very happy with a chocolate one, yummo!  A nice reward after a ride, although I consumed more calories than what I burned — but who's counting?!