Take a turn through

Tupper Lake

Jess Collier

The best way to cruise in to Tupper Lake from the Malone area is to head straight down on Route 30. It's a twisty-turny playground through the woods, with occasional sightings of beautiful, hidden ponds, and rivers. Plus there's never a ton of cars on that stretch, so you'll feel like you're on your own private course. 

As you head into town, 30 spits you out onto Park Street, one of the main streets in Tupper Lake. Turn right at Mill Street, across from Stewart's (stop for gas if you need to!), then turn right again onto Lake Street, which joins you up with Route 3. That will take you through the town's other main shopping districts, Demars Boulevard and Main Street. Don't forget to stop at the Municipal Park to rest and check out the views! 

municipal park

It's also a great place to watch a sunset!

You'll pass another two gas stations on the way through that area, Larkin's and the nearby Nice n Easy

Piercefield loop

Head out of town on Route 3 for a little scenic loop. About 6 miles from Tupper Lake, you'll see a sign for Piercefield on the right; turn right there onto Dewey Avenue. 

Welcome to Piercefield!

Follow Dewey up and around as it turns 90 degrees and becomes Main Street. Follow that across Route 3 when you return to it, and head on down County Route 62. Turn left to check out the trailhead for Mount Arab, or keep going straight to explore the tiny hamlet of Conifer. 


Then head back out and turn right to go back to Tupper. Make a stop at the Piercefield Flow, turning right onto Pumphouse Road. 

The Piercefield Flow is a beautiful place to take a break and stretch out your legs!

Stop for eats

When you head back through Tupper Lake, there's a handful of great places to stop for lunch. I happened to run into my dad and his wife on my recent trip through, so we stopped for a bite at the Swiss Kitchen, and it was delicious! 


After that, I had plenty of energy to head back out for a long, fun day of riding. I hop back in the saddle and ride toward Long Lake on routes 3 and 30, but I have a few more stops to make before leaving Tupper Lake. 

The Flow

A trip through Tupper Lake on a motorcycle isn't complete before you stop at Trail's End, the local biker bar. It's got a great view of both Simond Pond and Big Tupper Lake, and don't forget to stop in and say hi to Beard and talk bikes for a bit. 

There's alway a few bikes at Trail's!

And just down from that, there's a scenic overlook pull-off that's perfect for photos ops. 

Also beautiful at sunset!

Once you get out past the edge of town, there's one more scenic stop - the Rock Island Bay parking area. It's a must. You'll probably see a few other people stopping there for photos or to take in the view as well. Definitely worth a stop!

My selfies are always crooked.And now on to Long Lake

Ready to grab some friends and hit the road? You should be!

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