Ready for Rollins!

My favorite campground!

Lisa Sciacca

Getting there!

You must drive through the Fish Creek Campground in order to enter Rollins Pond Campground — the focus of today's adventure! Fish Creek Campgrounds are off route 30, approximately twenty minutes north of Tupper Lake. There are 287 available campsites, per the DEC website, which accommodates RVs, campers, and tents. Unlike Fish Creek it is not flat and some of the water sites do have high banks, but they are all beautiful sites!

About Rollins!

Rollins Pond has a 25-horse power limit on motor boats and the campsites are more wooded than Fish Creek sites, which enhances privacy. There are numerous bathrooms, water spigots, a large shower building, and a garbage and recycling center. Campfire wood and ice can be obtained daily as the local trucks drive through the campground. If you love ice cream, you might be lucky enough to catch the ice cream-mobile that drives through each evening — just listen for the bells!

A member of the Paeglow family ready to rent you a boat!

Many campers bring their kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, and small outboard motor boats with them. If someone lacks a boat, they can be rented from the Paeglow Family Boat Rental which is located a short distance beyond the Rollins Pond Registration Booth. The family members take turns running the family business from mid-June through Labor Day. The Paeglow family started renting watercraft back in 1932 at Fish Creek, and then in 1955 they moved to Rollins Pond. They offer full-day rentals at a reasonable price.

Our favorite!

In mid-August I joined a group from Albany for a 12-night camping trip on Rollins Pond. We had previously camped at Putnam Pond Campground and Lewey Lake Campground. My campsite-mate, Cathy, had camped at Rollins for many years with her family prior to camping with the current group. Rollins is her favorite — and mine, too! On this particular trip there were eleven campers, most were tent camping, though three or four have campers. Mischief, the camp dog was on the trip as well. Mischief enjoys not only camping (and lots of attention from the group and other campers), but riding in his owner's kayak or canoe as well!Mischief enjoying his ride with his owner Pam

Mischief loves being on the water!

From Rollins pond you can paddle into Rock Pond — if the water level is high enough. You can also paddle into Floodwood Pond via a stream or you can use the trail and carry your watercraft into Floodwood. If the water is low you might not be able to paddle, you may have to walk and float your boat down the stream or do the portage. The upper portion of the stream is rocky on both sides, so depending on what you have for a watercraft you may elect to do the carry. From Floodwood you can access Little Square Pond, Copperas, Fish Creek Pond, Square Pond, and Follensby Clear Pond without any carries. You can also do a loop from Rollins Pond to Floodwood to Copperas to Whey and back into Rollins if you feel like carrying or wheeling your vessel. Those are just a couple of choices, refer to the Adirondack Paddler’s Map for more options. Note: If you elect not to launch from your own site, you can also launch from the Fish Creek launch, which will shorten your selected trip.

Neighboring Fish Creek

Rollins Pond does not have a beach, but you can swim at your site if you have a waterfront. If not, you can use the beautiful beach and picnic area at Fish Creek. There are hibachis and pavilions in the picnic area as well as an Adirondack-style playground.

Sisters from the Albany area enjoying the Fish Creek playground

More things to do at Rollins!

In addition to paddling, there's great biking at Rollins Pond — but I will warn you, if you bike to the end it's hilly! You will have a great work out! If you would rather not do that many hills, you can bike around Fish Creek Campgrounds. You'll encounter a few hills, but there's not as many and they're less steep. Once on Fish Creek grounds, it's flat and you can easily bike the loop around the campground. Once you exit the campground there is a bike path which follows the water along Route 30. The bike path is well off the road so it is safe to bring your children along for a ride. The Trading Post, commonly called the Fish Creek Campground Store, is across Route 30. If you're so inclined, you can stop for a snack, lunch, coffee, breakfast, ice cream, clothing, and/or supplies!

Anyone for Volleyball?

There are plenty of paths and trails for those who prefer walking around the campgrounds. Have fun and join in a volleyball game at the Fish Creek Campgrounds.

Our group activities included an appetizer night, a potluck dinner, paddle on the Raquette River, a paddle on Little Clear Pond, the loop paddle, and a full-moon paddle on Rollins Pond.

Campers and their guests waiting for the full moon!More fun!

We also enjoyed a read on the beach, swimming, walking, a hike up Mt. Arab, and excursions to Tupper Lake, Saranac Lake, and Lake Placid.

Ken on the Raquette River - he inspires us!


We celebrated a birthday with ice cream, brownies and cupcakes in honor of Ken turning 84 years young. Ken camps in his camper and is normally one of the first ones up and ready to paddle! He recently purchased a Swift Pack Canoe, he is an inspiration!

Whether your planning to bring the RV to the Adirondacks, or you're pitching your tent under the stars, consider camping at Rollins Pond or Fish Creek. Be sure to visit our friendly Village of Tupper Lake during your travels.