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It's International Museum Day!

Wednesday, May 18 is International Museum Day! And, although I feel like there are a few other times during the year when I'm told it's museum day,  I'm pretty sure I celebrated national coffee day twice already this year — and it's only May — so we're going with it. Besides, the museums in and around Tupper Lake are well worth a visit no matter the date!  

So, in honor of it being International Museum Day, here are...

5 museums to visit in & around Tupper Lake

1. The Wild Center

Opened just a decade ago, The Wild Center has quickly become one of the top attractions in the Adirondacks. Dedicated to understanding our natural environment, this indoor and outdoor natural history museum covers an expansive 81-acre campus with an assortment of wildlife, exhibits, theaters, educational nature trails, a Wild Walk, and more. So, whether it is time spent watching the turtles, fish, and otters, exploring the treetops on Wild Walk, checking out the new "Forest & the Trees" art exhibit, or taking a guided SUP excursion on the Raquette River that intrigues you, trust us when we say: The The Wild Center is simply a "must visit" for everyone from the nature lover to the traditional museum enthusiast. 

2. Beth Joseph Historic Synagogue 

Listed on the National Historic Registry, the beautifully restored Beth Joseph Synagogue has become an icon of Jewish life in the Adirondacks. Built in 1905, Beth Joseph is the oldest Synagogue in the Adirondacks and still holds Sabbath services during the summer months, as well as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. During July and August the Synagogue is also open to the public for guided tours during which you will find a small museum in the basement boasting a gallery of art and artifacts highlighting the history of the Adirondacks' Jewish community. 

3. Tupper Lake Heritage Museum

Open on weekdays from July 1 through Labor Day, the Tupper Lake Heritage Museum on Pine Street celebrates Tupper Lake's rich history. From early settlers to the booming logging industry and the building of Sunmount Veteran's Hospital, the Tupper Lake Heritage Museum houses an impressive collection of artifacts, photographs, and newspapers related to the town's storied past. So whether you are a history buff, or simply looking to learn a little something about the back story of the area, you will enjoy a stop at the Tupper Lake Heritage Museum.

4. Piercefield Museum

Located in the historic mill town of Piercefield, New York, you will find the Piercefield Museum. The large classroom in the old school house holds a well organized collection of artifacts from the communities of Piercefield, Gale, Mount Arab, Childwold, and Conifer. This treasure trove of pieces and photographs includes the story of Piercefield's booming days of the International Paper Mill. The museum schedule is flexible, so call in advance to schedule your visit. 

5. The Mount Arab Ranger Cabin Museum

At the summit of Mount Arab in Piercefield you will find a mini-museum located in the restored Mount Arab Ranger Cabin. During the summer, the Friends of Mount Arab have a steward in the cabin welcoming hikers and walking them through the history of the Adirondack Fire Towers. In addition to the exhibit you are also welcome to climb the fire tower and take in the 360-degree view that the fire rangers of days past oversaw on a daily basis.  

Bonus: The Adirondack Public Observatory

Who doesn't love a Friday? In Tupper Lake we have an additional reason to love them — it's APO night! On the first and third Fridays of the month (weekly during the summer), the Adirondack Public Observatory opens its doors and rolls off its roof for FREE stargazing. Explore the night sky with the guidance of an astronomer and four permanently mounted telescopes, several portable telescopes, astrophotography equipment, and more. In addition to their free Friday program, private sessions are also available at an affordable rate. Please note, the Friday night program is dependent upon clear weather. 

Make it museum day, any day!

As spring morphs into summer, we look forward to seeing all of our museums (from big to small, mountain peak to river bank) opening their doors and welcoming curious minds. So whether it is May 18th, or any other date, we invite you to come explore the museums and culture that Tupper Lake has to offer. Start your morning off with a hike up a local mountain top where you will get a lesson on the history of the Adirondack fire towers. Spend your late morning and afternoon exploring The Wild Center and some of our heritage museums and local historic landmarks. Take a break for dinner and then tap into some local culture with live music & local craft beers at our pubs and breweries. Then, as evening transitions to night, head down to the Adirondack Public Observatory to end your day stargazing like a pro! With a taste of everything from outdoor recreation to local culture under your belt, you will tuck into your cozy Adirondack accommodations knowing that tomorrow will lead to another great day of adventure.

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