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Welcome to spring!

I’ve finally found the silver lining to our mild winter: a mild spring! The ice is receding off of the lakes beautifully and road cyclists have been able to get a jump start on their season due to the light amount of winter sand buildup. Trails on the lower mountains are in great shape for this time of year — making the new Tupper Lake Triad as popular during the warmer weather as it was during the winter. At this point, all signs are pointing toward an extended spring and summer adventure forecast for 2016. 

View of Big Tupper Lake from the Tupper Lake Boat Launch on Route 30. Photo taken March 15, 2016. Yes, I said March 15th!

But to me there is one thing about mud season that always excites me the most and that is the mood it creates. It’s the feeling of rejuvenation, it’s a time to spruce up what is old and bring on what is new. Spring is all about anticipation for the days ahead. And on that note, I want to take a look ahead at some of the new businesses coming online for the summer of 2016.

The Big Tupper Brew Pub

Big Tupper Brewing Construction Zone (view from the brewery out into what will be the bar and dining area.)

In 2015, a new microbrew hit store shelves throughout northern New York and beyond when Big Tupper Brewing unveiled its new IPA "Eh" Ale. Less than a year later, with two other signature beers now on the market, Big Tupper Brewing is ready to take their next big step forward with the opening of their new brew pub on Cliff Avenue in Tupper Lake. Contractors have been busy all winter gutting, remodeling, and expanding an old tavern into what will be a new iconic destination in the heart of Tupper Lake's "uptown" business district.

Once complete, the brew pub will not only feature a beautiful new kitchen and microbrewery, but it will also include both indoor and outdoor dining areas, a bar, two distinct beer gardens (one of which will be dog-friendly), a small retail shop, and even a speakeasy. The menu itself is still under lock and key, as they want to keep an element of surprise to it. However, some early leaks indicated that it will include comfort food with a twist — really a menu that will have something for almost anyone — from steaks, burgers, and fresh nachos to awesome signature comfort food dishes. Big Tupper Brewing plans on opening the new brew pub in late-May or early-June. 

Architectural rendering of the new Big Tupper Brewing Brew Pub

Ohana’s 1950’s Diner

Amanda & Mike Kelly pose next to the 50's style jukebox at "under construction" Ohana's 50's Diner

Ohana means family, and family is what Ohana's 1950's Diner will be all about. Oh yeah, and a celebration of the 1950s, of course! Husband and wife team Mike and Amanda Kelly have been busy remodeling 284 Park Street into a blast from the past. I stopped in recently to check out the progress and wish them the best of luck on their new endeavor. The excitement that is pouring out of them as they discussed their vision for the new restaurant (and their love for the 50's era) is inspiring to say the least.

Everything from the menu and decor to the seating and wait staff's attire are all coming together to create the "wow" factor they have been aiming for. Just wait... it is already looking sweet, and as the project continues to come together it will be exciting to how they transform their quaint location into a fabulous 50's inspired establishment. Now I just feel like I need to get a pair of vintage roller skates to roll into this joint. Ohana's 1950's Diner is projected to open in mid-May and will feature a classic diner menu straight down to the malt shakes. 

Lou Gehrig & James Dean will join Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and others as "regulars" at new Ohana's 50's Diner.

More to look forward to?

In addition to these two new dining establishments, there is a new antique shop opening on the corner of Park Street (across the street from the Park Motel & Cabins), a new nail salon near the corner of Demars Blvd and Main Street, and a new thrift shop next to Boulevard Wine & Spirits. Add to it the exciting grand opening scheduled for the new Spruce & Hemlock Country Store in July, the expanded brewery at Raquette River Brewing coming online this spring, as well as a number of other rumblings happening behind the scenes, and it turns out there is a lot to look forward to as we move from mud season on to spring and summer. So this summer after a day of visiting The Wild Center, fishing the lakes, and conquering the Triad, make sure to swing into town and check out what's new in Tupper Lake. 

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We’ll be back. Soon.

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